New Airway Management Book

Congratulations Dr. Michael Aziz for the publication of his book, Airway Management, 5th edition.

Please help us congratulate Dr. Andrei Sdrulla for receiving an independent R01 from the NIH, funded through the BRAIN Initiative. The five-year project, titled Systematic characterization of spinal cord stimulation effects on dorsal horn populations, will use microscopy to determine how spinal cord stimulation (a therapeutic modality frequently used in pain clinics) engages spinal cord circuits in a mouse model. The project is a continuation of Andrei’s K08 and FAER MRG projects and complements his other research recently funded via an R21 mechanism. Andrei attributes his success to the supportive research environment in APOM and his mentorship team consisting of Drs. Mary Heinricher, Nabil Alkayed, and Selva Baltan.

Kudos to Dr. Thierno Madjou Bah for being appointed to the Editorial Board for Anesthesia Research. Dr. Bah was also appointed as a Special Issue Editor for Biomedicines titled Crossroads of Inflammation and Dementia: Chronic Sleep Disorders.

Congratulations to Dr. Wenbin Zhu, Dr. Catherine DavisElyse AllenSarah Feller, Dr. Thierno Madjou Bah, Dr. Robert Shangraw, Dr. Ruikang K. Wang, and Dr. Nabil J. Alkayed for their recent publication titled Sex Difference in Capillary Reperfusion After Transient Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion in Diabetic Mice. The study used optical imaging to show that type 2 diabetes worsens capillary blood flow and exacerbates ischemic brain damage after ischemic stroke in male but not female mice. The study suggests that improving capillary blood flow can be targeted to improve stroke outcome, and that premenopausal females may in part be protected from diabetic stroke due to higher resilience of capillary networks.