The APOM Academy

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The APOM Resident Academy is a dynamic learning community, providing educational tools and resources to encourage learner to reach their full potential. The academy provides an education and supportive environment for resident as they develop towards the common goal of becoming outstanding physician consultants and develop the tools for life-long learning. Resident and faculty will work collaboratively to enhance educational experiences,creating a seamless learning environment between clinical and non-clinical settings. The academy provides an academically and socially supportive environment for learners to fully reach their potential. Each resident is inducted into a College at matriculation into the residency.

Four serving purposes

Curriculum: Wellness

Each college will have 4 sessions per year dedicated to wellness topics that are different for 3 years, i.e. 12 distinct sessions.

  • These sessions are adapted from the SMART curriculum from the Benson-Henry Institute, and 2 anesthesiology faculty are certified trainers.
  • Each college will also have a session on leadership skills and advocacy each year to help empower the residents.

Advising: Coaching

  • Each resident will be assigned a Coach within the college.
  • The Coaches will meeting quarterly with the residents to assist with the following;
    • Evaluating exam performances
    • Advising Resident on interpretation of the milestone report
    • Communicating and interpreting the CCC reports
    • Helping develop individual learning plans
    • Monitoring resident learning portfolios
  • Every resident will select their own Career Coach by the end of their PGY 2 year.
    • The Career Coach is designed to help support the resident prepare and achieve any goals in preparation for anesthesia practice after graduation.

Social: Community building

  • One faculty designated as the Lead for the College.
  • The Lead faculty is responsible for helping plan at least one social event and supporting residents in their College.
  • Each College will receive a social budget for planning community events.
  • Residents meet their classmates each week during didactic sessions. The Academy provides the opportunity for more senior residents to interact and mentor more junior residents on a regular basis.

Support: Resident affairs

  • Each College will be assigned one Resident Affairs Advisor for support.
    • Resource about learning and teaching strategies and resources
    • College activities that help develop and promote an active, inclusive and engaging environment
    • Academic success/test taking skills, retention, community service, leadership development
    • Providing training on nonclinical system and policies; and advising on non academic issues such as wellness, diversity, and OHSU resources