Research System Registration & Access


For research systems with auto-registration, anyone with an active OHSU employee ID number is automatically registered in the system and their name can be added to protocols. Students and non-OHSU research collaborators who do not have an active OHSU employee ID number can request one here.

System Access

Users with an OHSU network account and OHSU employee ID number can login using their regular OHSU network username and password.

Users without an OHSU network account should click on the applicable system button to the right and follow the registration/login help guidance provided.  Note that external users may not be prevented from accessing certain internal university pages, and also may be required to use dual-factor authentication to complete registration processes.

Please note that accounts may be deactivated due to inactivity. If you are unable to access your existing account please contact the appropriate admin office to have your account reactivated.

Access to these OHSU research systems from outside the U.S. has been restricted and requires Citrix Remote Access or OHSU VPN. For help with Citrix Remote Access or VPN please call the IT Service Desk at 503-494-2222 or 1-800-328-2422. We recommend that you use Firefox or Chrome to access these research systems.