Conflict of Interest (CoI)

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Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) supports the general principle that promising research observations should be converted into practical applications in a timely manner for the common good. The involvement of employees with commercial ventures, however, carries with it the potential for diverting the University and its employees from their primary mission, which is: education, research and service. 

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The rationale for establishing policies to manage conflict of interest in research is to protect employees and the University from potential accusations of malfeasance. These policies will use the technique of "disclosure" to apportion, between the University and an outside institution, the important considerations of time spent and compensation received. The latter decision must be made within the context of the principle of "Academic Freedom."

Intending to promote objectivity in PHS-funded research, the NIH requires institutions like OHSU to collect, review and manage Financial Conflicts of Interest (FCoIs). Our Conflict of Interest policy includes all necessary information per the regulation, while simultaneously addressing the unique needs of our academic medical center and its members. 

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Anyone not employed by OHSU who conducts research, with respect to a research protocol, designing research, directing research or serving as the principal investigator, enrolling research subjects (including obtaining subjects' informed consent) or making decisions related to eligibility to participate in research, analyzing or reporting research data, or submitting manuscripts concerning the research for publication.

Note: You may be exempt from OHSU's disclosure requirement if your home institution's CoI policy is compliant with federal regulation 45 CFR Part 94.

See the Disclosure Requirements page for more information.

Our program collects pertinent information about our member's relationships with industry by utilizing a targeted electronic form. Those with answers suggesting involvement in outside activities related to the same professional expertise for which our members are valued by OHSU are reviewed by management, while those with significant financial interests are reviewed by members of our program. 

See the Conflict of Interest System page for more information.