Human Researcher Training

All OHSU employees, and those affiliated with OHSU or participating in human research under the OHSU FWA (such as OHSU students or volunteers), are required to complete OHSU research training and the annual CoI disclosure form. Non-OHSU employees (e.g., OHSU students, residents, and volunteers) and External Collaborators (researchers not affiliated with OHSU) intending to complete OHSU training or CoI disclosures should visit Non-OHSU researcher collaborators for onboarding instructions.

External collaborators that already have up-to-date research training and CoI completed through their home institution should see FAQ #8 under PI and study team management for alternative onboarding instructions.

See the PI and study team management section of the IRB FAQs page for further information.

Research training on CITI

All research training courses are available through the CITI program website. If you are an OHSU student, volunteer, or external collaborator that needs to complete the following requirements through OHSU, please see the Non-OHSU research collaborators page for instructions.

Research training

  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR): Required for all listed on submission in the eIRB system.
  • Human Subjects Research (HSR): Required for all listed on submission in the eIRB system.
  • Good Clinical Practices (GCP): This is ONLY required for NIH-funded clinical trials or studies involving FDA regulated products (drugs or devices). The GCP - FDA Focus course available in CITI will always cover the GCP requirement for studies. However, the GCP - Social and Behavioral Research course will ONLY cover the GCP requirement for low-risk, NIH-funded clinical trials, and will NOT fulfill the GCP requirement for studies involving FDA regulated products.

For more information on research training requirements or the CITI program, visit our CITI program page.

Conflict of Interest (CoI) in Research Disclosure

A CoI in research disclosure form is required to be submitted annually by all researchers listed on active studies in the eIRB system. For more detail on the definition of "research" and who falls under the definition of a "researcher", see the guidance section of the the OHSU Conflict of Interest in Research policy. The disclosure form must be filled out and submitted in the eCoI system. See the Conflict of Interest website for further information on disclosures and CoI requirements.

External collaborators covered by their home institution’s CoI policy (which must be compliant with the federal regulation 45 CFR Part 94) are generally not required to also file an OHSU CoI disclosure.

Onboarding steps

  1. Register in CITI with your OHSU username and password, and complete RCR and HSR training. GCP or other CITI training may also be required depending on the kind of research you are involved in.
  2. Login to the eCoI system using your OHSU username and password, and submit a new disclosure form.
  3. Register in the eIRB system.
  4. Existing study team members can add you to the study in the eIRB system. If the study has NOT received initial approval yet, see the Initial submission guide (step-by-step guide) for instructions on adding study staff. For studies with initial approval see the Modifications and continuing reviews (step-by-step guide).

Research training or CoI disclosure not feeding into the eIRB?

If your research training or CoI disclosure form is not feeding properly into the eIRB system, please email with your name and let us know what isn't feeding so we can start troubleshooting. For questions about what training is required for IRB protocols, email If you have any questions about conflict of interest or your disclosure, please email for assistance.