ORPRN partners with University of Massachusetts Med School to evaluate SARS-COV-2 diagnostic tests

ORPRN is working with the University of Massachusetts Medical School, funded by the National Institutes of Health Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics Initiative (RADx), to test the sensitivity and specificity of new SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) diagnostic tests. A small group of practice-based research networks across the U.S. were selected to implement the RADx Tech COVID-19 Test Us Study, and ORPRN is proud to be among them.

ORPRN has a dedicated team working to recruit, consent, and collect samples from volunteers who are symptomatic or exposed to COVID-19. Participants will be tested using a novel point of care (POC) SARS-COV-2 saliva test and a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) comparator test. The RADx team is utilizing the new POC testing device in real-time, as the emergency use authorization of new technologies is intended for use in public settings like schools or workplaces.

To successfully implement this research in Oregon, ORPRN is reaching out to clinical partners across the state, with a focus on rural and high-risk populations. Initial RADx testing will occur in the Columbia Gorge area, in partnership with One Community Health and North Central Public Health District.

To learn more about the RADx Tech COVID-19 Test Us Study, visit covid19testus.org or email the study team at RADxOregon@ohsu.edu.