Currently Recruiting:

CAPTURE: COPD Assessment in Primary Care to Identify Undiagnosed Respiratory Disease and Exacerbation Risk

  • Why: To study a brief screening questionnaire to help detect COPD earlier in patients with unrecognized symptoms
  • Who is eligible: Primary Care practices with patient panels that include patients aged 45-80
  • What: Support access to patients between 45-80 years old with no COPD diagnosis so research coordinators can enroll patients, complete surveys, and conduct spirometry
  • When: Recruiting now through June 2020
  • To get involved: Contact Martha Snow, CAPTURE Project Manager,

PINPOINT: Pain and Opioid Managment

  • Why: Nearly 5 Oregonians die each week from an opioid overdose and Oregon has one of the highest rates of prescription opioid misuse in the United States. PINPOINT addresses the opioid overdose epidemic and highlights the need for an interdisciplinary public health approach
  • Who is eligible: All family medicine and internal medicine clinics in Oregon
  • What: The PINPOINT team will support 60 clinics through a regional quality improvement training, monthly quality improvement coaching, and academic detailing to address chronic pain management and opioid prescribing practices
  • When: now through February 2020
  • To get involved: Please contact Caitlin Dickinson, PINPOINT Project Manager,, 971-291-7722

ANTECEDANT: Partnerships to Enhance Alcohol Screening Treatment and Intervention

  • Why: ANTECEDENT is aligned with the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) incentive metric for Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) for unhealthy alcohol and drug use
  • Who is eligible: All family medicine and internal medicine clinics in Oregon
  • What: The ANTECEDENT team will support 150 primary care clinics for 15 months to support data reporting, clinical workflows, and integrating SBIRT into routine care
  • When: Recruiting now through December 2020
  • To get involved: Please contact, 503-494-4365
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