About Occupational Health Sciences

The Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences is dedicated to health and safety in the workforce. Our mission is to promote health, and prevent disease and disability among working Oregonians and their families during their employment years and through retirement. We do so through basic and applied research, outreach and education. Delve into our history.

Preventing Illness and Injury
We work to prevent illness and injury in partnership with labor, industry, government and the community. As part of Oregon Health & Science University — Oregon's only academic health center — we embrace the university's multifaceted mission of healing, teaching, discovery, and community service to improve the well-being of people in Oregon and beyond.  Our publications give a snapshot of some of our many activities that embody this mission.

How We Accomplish This Mission
We conduct research, train health and safety professionals, provide consultation, and offer the public information on occupational health and safety through our OccHealthSci Resource Directory and OccHealthSci Info Center. The Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences comprises more than 75 scientists and research staff exploring a range of questions relating to the prevention of injury and disease — and the promotion of health — in the workforce of Oregon and beyond.

We are base-funded through Oregon's Workers' Compensation system. We leverage this investment to win highly competitive federal grants that bring in more than twice the dollars provided by the Oregon base funding and thus substantially magnify our impact on Oregon. While our research receives national and international acclaim, our mission and goal is to create safe, healthy workplaces right here in Oregon.  Our Advisory Board under the leadership of OHSU's Vice President for Research ensures stakeholder input to the direction of the Institute and the use of its state funds.  Learn more about our funding from downloadable Annual Reports available on our Publications page.

Learn about the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences and Use Our Services
As part of our outreach, we want you to know about the work we do, and how it benefits workers and businesses in Oregon. We invite you to browse our website, meet our outreach team at conferences, attend our health, safety and well-being symposia, consider our scientific seminars sponsored by our research faculty, or visit the Institute to learn more and to use us as a resource.  But before you look around our website, meet Director Steven Shea.

The Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences
Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences Town Hall (April 2022).