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 You can reach OHSU CAP Advocates for assistance by emailing or through scheduling an appointment here.

Contact a CAP advocate

If in need of 24/7 crisis support related to sexual violence and/or interpersonal violence (including domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking), please contact your local anti-violence hotline.

The following anti-violence hotlines are all 24/7:

  • Portland: You can contact Call to Safety at 888-235-5333.
  • Monmouth: You can contact Sable House at 503-623-4033.
  • Ashland: You can contact Community Works at 541-779-4357.
  • Klamath Falls: You can contact Marta's House/Klamath Advocacy Center at 541-884-0390.
  • La Grande: You can contact Shelter from the Storm at 541-963-9261.

To contact CAP, please email us at or schedule an intake at the link listed here

How and when should I reach out?

Please reach out anytime. Our support line is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

  • Confidential Advocates at OHSU staff the phones during standard business hours, weekdays 9 to 5.
  • Outside of standard business hours, the line is forwarded to Confidential Advocates with community partners across the state in order to ensure a Confidential Advocate is always available to you. For some, this increases confidentiality as the community-based advocate will not be an OHSU employee. For example, those who work at OHSU required to report child abuse.

If you are involved in an investigation at OHSU, you have a right to a Confidential Advocate before, during, and after, regardless of the outcome:

  • Investigators should offer anyone undergoing an investigation access to a Confidential Advocate for support in case it is needed.
  • You have the right to involve your Confidential Advocate in any part of the process, including the investigation itself.

Our community-based partner organizations

Call to Safety logo

“Working to fulfill our mission of ending domestic and sexual violence by providing confidential support services and education to empower our community, Call to Safety provides a comprehensive 24/7 crisis line, follow-up advocacy for survivors, support groups, community outreach and education, and sexual assault medical advocacy. We can support crisis line callers in any language through our international language bank, and connect survivors to local culturally-specific resources or co-advocacy. Call to Safety advocates provide every caller with a needs assessment, peer support, safety planning, crisis intervention, and information and referrals to community resources. Our advocates work with specific populations to provide culturally relevant and specialized services for survivors experiencing houselessness, survivors with developmental and intellectual disabilities, survivors that identify as LGBTQ+, and survivors that experience mental illness. All of our advocates are trained to support sex workers. Sexual assault advocacy provides specialized services to survivors of sexual assault.” ― Visit the Call to Safety website or call:

Sable House logo

“Social service system advocacy is provided to ensure that victims are able to access all of the services that they are entitled to, and to provide support to the victim during the process. Crisis hotline; case management; information and referral; support groups; advocacy; confidential shelter; legal advocacy services; safety plans.” ― Visit the Sable House website or call:

Community Works logo

“Community Works strengthens lives and our community through prevention, support services, and advocacy for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and homeless youth and their families. Founded in 1996, Community Works is the only domestic and sexual violence resource center servicing Jackson County, Oregon. Community Works was created as a merger between three community organizations that had been providing crisis intervention in Southern Oregon since the mid-1970s. As a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, Community Works is funded by government and private grants, the United Way, and the generosity of our community. All of our services are free and confidential.” ― Visit the Community Works website or call:

Marta's House logo

“At Marta’s House we support initiatives to serve the people who need them most. We believe in taking action with urgency in order to raise public awareness about some of the most pressing issues facing today’s society.” ― Visit the Marta’s House website or call:

Shelter from the Storm logo

“The mission of Shelter from the Storm is to provide services to those who have been impacted by interpersonal violence, sexual assault, and stalking through advocacy, education, and awareness.” ― Visit the Shelter from the Storm website or call:

Other community based advocates

Abby’s House (Western Oregon University) and The Women's Resource Center (Southern Oregon University) are additional community resources you may turn to for help at those locations. 

Our impact

Curious about how CAP has supported OHSU members? Take a look at our 2018-2020 Snapshot Review.

What is a CAP advocate?

The Confidential Advocates at CAP are specially trained and offer the highest level of confidentiality at OHSU:

  • Certified by the State of Oregon’s Sexual Assault Task Force (SATF) through the Attorney General’s Office.
  • Are not allowed to share any information about a client or participant with anyone inside or outside of OHSU, without the client’s written permission of what information is shared, and to whom, in advance.
  • Provide the highest level of confidentiality at OHSU. CAP Advocates are the only roles at OHSU that can provide support and resources to OHSU members with 100% confidentiality*

*Confidential Advocates are employed by OHSU, and therefore are mandatory reporters of child abuse. If an OHSU member wishes to seek a confidential space that may involve suspicions of child abuse, please call the CAP Support Line after hours (after 5 p.m. or before 9 a.m.) to speak to a Confidential Advocate with our community-based partners.

Need help with discrimination?

We can help! CAP Advocates can also support OHSU members (students, employees, or volunteers) who have experienced discrimination, as Confidential Advocate certification in the state of Oregon trains advocates to identify when patterns of discrimination have led to patterns of abuse and/or violence that could also be affecting an OHSU member.

What does "confidential" mean?

When an OHSU member (student, employee, or volunteer) accesses services from CAP, communication with CAP advocates remains privileged and confidential, unless you choose to sign a written release for CAP to share information. Please note, CAP advocates are mandatory reporters of child abuse, but can connect you with community-based advocates who are not mandatory reporters if you feel this better fits your situation. Read more about privacy, confidentiality, and privilege.

Want to get involved?

Great! Please contact us to explore joining or volunteering with us. The following projects are aimed at promoting change, amplifying voices of those less privileged, and to promote healing among the OHSU community:

  • The Rising Voices Project, an anonymous, peer-led support community built of survivors to amplify their voices.
  • The Advisory Council to center the voices of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and people with disabilities in addressing necessary change.
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga Sessions.
  • Volunteers to assist with developing new OHSU policy in response to the Title IX regulations that protects and advocates for the rights of survivors.

To join any of these projects, email