Jim Chesnutt, M.D.

Jim Chesnutt

Jim Chesnutt, M.D., is a board certified specialist in Sports Medicine and is the Medical Director of the OHSU Sports Medicine Program. Jim is a Portland native who has been working at OHSU since 1995, initially at OHSU Gabriel Park Family Health Center with a Family Medicine and Sports Medicine practice but now limits his practice to sports medicine.  He graduated from Stanford University and OHSU School of Medicine(Class of 1989) and served in the Air Force for  nine years. He was board certified in Family Medicine in 1992 and in Sports Medicine in 1997.  Jim is active in community sports medicine programs that support the local schools and a variety of organizations promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles.  Jim lectures across the state and nationally on a variety of subjects including running and sports injuries, concussion management,  pre-participation sports physicals and promoting healthy eating and exercise .  He specializes in the non-surgical care of fractures, musculoskeletal injuries and exercise- related medical problems in patients of all ages from infants to geriatrics.

Jim and his wife Karin and their three children are all musicians and active in a variety of sports and community service.