Derek Wallace, B.S.

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Derek Wallace, B.S.
Certified Personal Trainer

Derek graduated from Eastern Washington University with his bachelor's in Exercise Science and is certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  Derek takes pride in being a fitness bookworm, keeping up with the latest education in the fitness field to provide quality training to his clients.  He also believes everyone should enjoy and excel in their hobbies, as well as their sports.  A solid foundation is a key to maintaining and progressing in fitness.  Proper technique, baseline strength, and cardiovascular endurance provide the groundwork for a lifelong pursuit of a positive lifestyle.  Derek has helped people in a wide range of activities such as backpacking, swimming, running, tennis, soccer, and backcountry skiing.

In his free time, Derek likes to go hiking all over the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Brenna, and their dog, Luna.  Derek also likes to paint with watercolors and cook delicious meals in a cast iron pan.

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