OHSU Startup Companies by Category

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Aronora logo

Aronora, Inc.

Aronora is a translational biotechnology company that is developing safe proprietary antithrombotic (“blood-thinning”) biological drugs.

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Artielle Immunotherapeutics logo

Artielle Immunotherapeutics, Inc.

Artielle Immunotherapeutics is developing a novel, first-in-class platform of biological molecules to treat inflammatory and degenerative diseases. 

See Artielle Immunothreapeutics website

Autobahn Therapeutics logo

Autobahn Therapeutics

Autobahn Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company developing the next generation of regenerative medicines to restore hope for people affected by CNS disorders.

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Capsigen logo


Capsigen, Inc. is a gene therapy company working to build a new generation of viral based gene therapeutics using novel vector engineering platforms.

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Cytotheryx logo


Cytotheryx is a biomedical research company focused on the development of a consistent, high-quality source of human hepatocytes (HHCs) and the application of those HHCs for multiple research and clinical applications.

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Fennec Pharma logo

Fennec Pharmaceuticals

Fennec Pharmaceuticals is a small stage biotechnology company focused on the development of PEDMARKTM (a unique formulation of Sodium Thiosulfate) for the prevention of ototoxicity from cisplatin in pediatric patients.

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Luciole Logo

Luciole Pharmaceuticals

Luciole Pharmaceuticals is an emerging biotech company developing novel therapeutics to repair damaged mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). Oxidative damaged to mtDNA is an inexorable aspect of human aging, causing mitochondrial dysfunction, mtDNA breakdown and ultimately cell death

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Najit Technologies logo

Najit Technologies, Inc.

Najit Technologies utilizes a novel oxidation-based vaccine production system, HydroVax™, that results in superior vaccine formulations for infectious disease as compared to conventional methods.

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NervGen logo


NervGen is restoring life's potential by creating innovative solutions for the treatment of nerve damage.

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PDX Pharmaceuticals logo

PDX Pharmaceuticals

PDX Pharmaceuticals focuses on developing functionalized nanomaterials into drugs.

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Spoonbill Foundation logo

Spoonbill Foundation

Spoonbill Foundation discovers, develops, and delivers therapeutics for PKAN and all NBIA disorders in partnership with the NBIA community, as swiftly as possible and at the lowest cost.

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Vasocardea logo


Vasocardea is devoted to finding treatments for small vessel disease through manipulation of receptors that control blood flow to small vessels.

Vico Therapeutics logo

Vico Therapeutics, B.V.

Vico Therapeutics  is a biopharmaceutical company developing RNA modulating therapies for rare neurological disorders, with initial focus on SCA – Spinocerebellar ataxia, HD – Huntington’s disease and RETT syndrome.

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VIR logo

Vir Biotechnology, Inc.

Vir integrates diverse innovations in science, technology, and medicine to transform the care of people with serious infectious diseases.

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Convergent Genomics logo

Convergent Genomics

Convergent Genomics is transforming cancer care through clear and actionable insights.

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CytoImage develops imaging diagnostics for drug screening and personalized detection of disease.

See the CytoImage website.

Logo of OHSU startup company Gamma Diagnostics

Gamma Diagnostics

Gamma Diagnostics are the global experts in Gamma Prime Fibrinogen (GPF) research and have developed a high performing ELISA that can be used for the determination of a patient’s risk of clotting, inflammation and Covid-19 severity.

See Gamma Diagnostics website

MolecularMD logo

MolecularMD Corp.
Acquired by ICON

MolecularMD develops and commercializes specialty molecular diagnostics for oncology applications. Its tests are designed to allow appropriate selection, monitoring and management of patients treated with molecularly-targeted cancer therapies.

See MolecularMD website

Logo of OHSU startup company Trace Biosciences

Trace Biosciences

Trace Biosciences is creating targeted imaging agents that highlight nerves in real time to make surgery safer.

See Trace Biosciences website

Viti Logo

ViTi, Inc.

ViTi works to improve T cell diagnostic technology. The company is currently developing diagnostic technologies for infectious diseases with a focus on tuberculosis.

Acute Innovations logo

Acute Innovations
Acquired by Acumed

Acute Innovations provides implants and instruments for chest wall stabilization surgical procedures. Products are sold globally and include RibLoc(R) Rib Fracture Plating, RibLoc(R) U Plus Chest Wall Plating System, BioBridge(R) Chest Wall Reconstruction Plate, and AcuTie(R) Sternum Closure System.

See Acute Innovations website

Ames Technology logo

AMES Technology Inc.

Ames Technology has developed and is bringing to market a new non-invasive, patented technology which has been shown in clinical trials to reduce impairment and improve function in highly disabled stroke patients and incomplete spinal cord injured patients.

See AMES Technology website

APDM Wearable Technologies logo

APDM Wearable Technologies

APDM is a translational research company focused on discovering reliable & sensitive endpoints of disease progression in neurological & chronic conditions by quantifying human movement with wearable sensors. 

See APDM Wearable Technologies website

Auxetics Logo


Auxetics is a biomechanically driven company focused on developing a venous stent to address the unique biomechanical aspects of veins.

See Auxetics website

Ceremod logo

Ceremod, Inc.

Ceremod is an Oregon research and development company focused on implantable deep brain stimulation (DBS) devices to treat a variety of medical conditions. Ceremod's focus is to develop DBS as a treatment of severe obesity.

Neuramedica logo


NeuraMedica focuses on the development of a novel, bioabsorbable surgical clip for durotomy closure.

See NeuraMedica website

OmnEcoil logo


OmnEcoil operates in the surgical and medical instruments business.

See OmnEcoil website

Promedix logo


Promedix, Inc. is a medical device company aiming to improve early identification of sepsis and decompensation in the emergency department and home environment. This technology can decrease healthcare costs through more efficient utilization of resources and improve overall morbidity and mortality for sepsis care.

See Promedix website

QuantiPort logo


QuantiPort provides objective blood volume information to physicians.

See QuantiPort website

SurgiVance logo

SurgiVance Inc.

SurgiVance provides advanced imaging for surgical guidance.

See SurgiVance website

BioSpeech logo

BioSpeech, Inc.

BioSpeech is creating speech technology based software solutions for people with language, speech, hearing, breathing problems. 

See BioSpeech website

CBDS logo

CBDS Health, Inc.

CBDS Health is a complete solution for the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) with early application focus in research, clinical trials and precision medicine. 

Logo of OHSU Startup company eLoomix

eLoomix, LLC

eLoomix, LLC provides enterprise automation and technology services to organizations in knowledge and data-intensive fields.

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GoCheck logo


GoCheck provides innovative mobile technology and diagnostics bringing actionable specialty testing to primary care, so physicians can be more effective and efficient at providing preventative care and early detection for their patients.

See GoCheck website

Logo of OHSU startup company Turing Medical

Turing Medical

Turing Medical, a St. Louis-based, software biofeedback solution startup company working to improve brain MR exams.

See Touring Medical website

ServerDomes logo


ServerDomes develops new self-sustained data storage center designed to eliminate maintenance and reduce energy footprint.

See ServerDomes website

United in Heart logo

United in Heart

United in Heart creates tools to empower everyday people to solve climate change and significantly reduce world hunger.

See United In Heart website

NwETA logo


NwETA provides superior training and assessment/testing products that we developed and tested extensively in NIH- and CDC-supported research grants.

See NwETA website

Nzumbe logo

Nzumbe, Inc.

Nzumbe provides research services to solve the needs of pharmaceutical companies and accelerate the development of breakthrough therapies in challenging diseases such as cancer and psychiatric disease. Nzumbe's focus is on preventing and reversing the epigenetic causes of disease.

SimHealth Group logo

SimHealth Group

The SimHealth Group is a full service simulation facility design, instructor training, program assessment, development, and implementation group.

See SimHealth Group website

Virogenomics logo

Virogenomics Biodevelopment, Inc.

Virogenomics  partners with inventors of early pre-clinical stage technologies in order to evaluate and develop commercial products. Virogenomics works closely with inventors until the technology becomes attractive to larger investment.

See Virogenomics Biodevelopment website

Yecuris logo

Yecuris, Inc.

Yecuris is a biotechnology company focused on the utilization of humanized model systems for pre-clinical drug development and human disease modeling.

See Yecuris website