Prepare For Your Video Visit Using an iPhone or iPad

1. Download the apps

You will only need to do this once – the first time you use video visits.

1. Download the Zoom app by going to the App Store and searching for Zoom. You will not need to set up a Zoom account.

Download Zoom from App store

2. Download the MyChart app by going to the App Store and searching for MyChart.

Download MyChart app

2. Set up Zoom

Before your visit, you will need to set up Zoom so it can use your camera and microphone on your iPhone.  You will only need to do this the first time you use video visits.

1. In Safari, go to the Zoom test page and click Join Meeting. Select “Open” when asked if you would like to open the page in Zoom. 

Open page in Zoom

2. Enter your name and select “Continue”.

Enter your name | Introduzca su nombre

3. Select “Join with Video.”

Join video

4. Select “OK” to let Zoom access your camera.

Allow Zoom access

5. Select “OK” to let Zoom access your microphone.

Provide Zoom access to iPhone microphone

6. Select “Call using Internet Audio”.

Call using internet audio

7. This will end the Zoom test. Select “End” or “Leave” to exit the meeting

End iPhone Zoom meeting

3. Complete PreCheck-In steps for your visit

1. Open the MyChart app and log in. Click on the Visit tile to find your visit.

Appointments and visits tile MyChart | Azulejo de citas y visitas MyChart

2. Select “PreCheck-In” and follow the prompts to complete the check-in process. This includes answering questions about your medical history, medications and more.

MyChart precheck in  | Verificación previa de MyChart

3. During PreCheck-in, be sure to check the "This information is correct" checkbox to move onto the next step.

MyChart precheck in checkbox | Precheck de MyChart en la casilla de verificación

4. After you complete PreCheck-In, you may close the MyChart app until your video visit.

4. Join your visit (up to 10 minutes before your appointment)

1. Open the MyChart app and log in. Click on the Visits tile. 

Appointments and visits tile MyChart | Azulejo de citas y visitas MyChart

2. Complete PreCheck in if you haven't yet. If you have already completed PreCheck-in and it is less than 10 minutes until your appointment time, you will see a green Begin Video Visit button in your visit tile. Click “Begin Video Visit.”

Begin video visit | Comenzar visita de video

3. Select “Open.”

Zoom screen on iPhone

4. Once you are connected and waiting for your provider, you will see this screen.

Zoom screen on iPhone

5. Your provider is the host and will start the meeting. 

6. When your provider joins, your screen will begin Video Preview. Select “Join with Video.”

Join video

7. Select “Call using Internet Audio.”

Call using internet audio

8. If you requested an interpreter, your provider will invite them to join during your meeting. If you’d like to make sure your interpreter’s video is always enlarged, no matter who is speaking, you’ll need to ‘pin’ their video. To do this, switch to Gallery view by swiping left from the active speaker view. Then, double-tap the video of the participant you want to ‘pin.

9. You can add a family member or caregiver to your virtual visit once your visit has started by sending an invitation through email or phone call. Make sure they are expecting a phone call or email invitation around the time of your visit. Once your visit has started, click on participants.

Add family member to Zoom | Agregar un miembro de la familia a Zoom

10. Click Invite.

Click on "Invite" in the Zoom window | Haga clic en "Invitar" en la ventana de Zoom.

11. Select the preferred method that you would like your family member or care giver to join.

Select the preferred communication method in your Zoom invite | Seleccione el método de comunicación preferido en su invitación de Zoom

12. When your visit is over, your provider will end the meeting.

Zoom call ended by host | Llamada de zoom finalizada por la anfitriona