Getting Started

First Steps

  1. Contact an operator to discuss your flow cytometry needs, experiment details and the type of data you plan to obtain. They will help you choose the right analytical instrument or sorter for your experiments.
  2. Set up an iLab account and link an alias to your account for access to instrument and operator calendars.  From here you can schedule appointments for sorting or training with an operator.
  3. Once you have training on an analyzer, you can use iLab to schedule unassisted appointments.

Scheduling Appointments

Appointments for Trained Users

  1. Log into the Flow Cytometry Core page in iLab.
  2. In the Scheduling Equipment tab, scroll down and click to expand and view analyzer or sorter schedules. Please note that there are additional instructions for scheduling on the KCRB Symphony analyzer .
  3. Double-click in an open space or click and drag to select desired time on the calendar.
  4. Select the lab you would like to book under if requested, and click Next.
  5. Under "Times", click the pencil if you need to edit the scheduled times, and click Save before proceeding.
  6. Select the alias to charge under "Payment information" and click Save Reservation.

Cell Sorting or Assisted Analyzer Appointments

For sorting or assisted analyzer appointments, please contact Flow Core operators directly for scheduling.

All sorts and operator assisted requests are not official until reviewed and confirmed by the assistant. For sorts, please expedite our review by filling out a sorting request form.