For training requests, please e-mail operators and provide the following information:

  • Previous flow cytometry experience
  • Ideal timeline for training
  • Lab name, linked alias, and location

Analyzer Training

We offer one-on-one trainings on our conventional and spectral flow cytometers. Trainings typically consist of an initial 2-hour session where user and operator will go over general instrument maintenance, startup and shutdown procedures, setting up experiments, and running compensation. Beads will be provided by the Flow Core for this training. Ideally within a week after the initial training, users will schedule a follow up 1-hour training with their own cells to run on the cytometer. This training will allow users to become accustomed to how their cells look on the cytometer and to ensure proper experimental setup.

Prior to training, users without flow cytometry experience should watch the pre-training videos on the Resources page.

After both training sessions have been completed, users will receive scheduling privileges on iLab and badge access to the Flow Core.

Sorter Training

There are two types of sorter training offered to experienced flow cytometry users at Flow Core operators' disgression.

  • Sort Monitor: Can monitor sort, change sort tubes, and change collection tubes. A flow core operator will still be there to set up the sort, and it will need to be done during normal hours. The initial training is with beads and takes about two hours.
  • Independent Sorter: Can run sorts without assistance.  Training typically involves four to five 2-hour sessions.