The Flow Core offers discounted flow cytometry analysis software licenses, as well as free use of FlowJo or FCSExpress on dedicated workstations at KCRB and RJH.

Details on both analysis and acquisition software associated with instruments can be found below.

We offer licenses for both FlowJo and FCS Express. The billing cycle runs from February 1st - January 31st and is $350/year for each license, prorated quarterly. Please contact Christina Metea  with questions or license purchase requests. Current license holders will be contacted at the end of the billing cycle for renewals for the following year.

If you would like to be assistance with FlowJo, you can schedule operator time to assist in your data analysis. The Flow Core also hosts software training seminars for both beginning and advanced applications. Please contact Flow Core staff for more information.

Getting Started with FlowJo

Getting Started with FCS Express

FlowJo Licenses

Each option requires a free FlowJo Portal account in order to log into the software.

  • Single User: The license allows one user to log into FlowJo with their Portal account on up to 4 computers with an internet connection, one at a time. This user is responsible for managing the account. We stress that you be very careful which computers you choose, as you will have a maximum of 4 hardware addresses associated with your account.
  • Single Computer: The license will be associated with a computer and not a person. This would be best for a shared lab workstation and can be used by an unlimited number of users. Each user of that computer will need to sign up for a FlowJo portal profile and use it to log in.

FCS Express Licenses

Both Flow and Image versions require a free De Novo Software account in order to download the software.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a FlowJo or FCS Express license holder leaves the lab in the middle of the year?

Licenses can be transferred to another user within the lab at any point in the year by contacting the Flow Core.

Can I switch between license types?

Yes! At any point in the year, FlowJo licenses can be changed between Single User and Single Computer licenses. FCS Express Licenses can be changed between Flow and Image versions.

How do I manage the hardware addresses associated with my FlowJo Single User license?

Hardware addresses can be managed through the FlowJo Portal website as described here.

The following software is available on instrument workstations:


All BD analyzers and cell sorters use FACSDiva software.

FACSDiva Reference Manual

Cytek SpectroFlo

The two Cytek Auroras (Sam and Frodo) both use SpectroFlo software. SpectroFlo dongles can be checked out from the Flow Core, or purchased through Cytek's website: SpectroFlo Software Dongle

Beckman Coulter CytExpert

The Beckman Coulter CytoFlex uses CytExpert. A copy of the software can be requested by filling out the form on the right side of this page: CytExpert Software