Flow Cytometry Resources

We strongly encourage new users to have a basic knowledge of flow cytometry principles prior to being trained to operate our instruments. BD’s Overview on flow cytometry is very informative as well as Thermo Fisher’s Introduction to Flow Cytometry

Access FlowJo and FCSexpress from home


If you have a FlowJo Portal account, you can access FlowJo from home by downloading the latest version on your personal computer and signing in with your portal account information. If you do not have a FlowJo Portal account, e-mail Christina Metea ( if you are interested in purchasing a license. 


If you have an FCSexpress account, you can access FCSexpress from home by signing in to De Novo Software's home page with your login information. Then, go to "downloads" under your account settings to download the latest version. If you are interested in purchasing a license through the Flow Core, email Christina Metea (