Oligo Synthesis

  • Create custom DNA and RNA oligos
  • Order through the DNA Services core facility's IDT account via the iLab portal
  • Competitive pricing, free standard shipping
  • Next-day delivery on standard desalted oligos <60 bases


Create custom primers and probes for oligo and siRNA synthesis with excellent prices negotiated for our clients through Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)Note: OHSU discount pricing is only available with oligo orders placed through iLab. We offer very competitive fees for various scales of starting material, and processing options are available.

Standard, desalted per base charge from IDT.

Most regular primers (less than 50 nts) only need simple desalting.

No shipping charge when you order through the Core facility. To cover management and administration of this service, the core charges a $5.00 service fee per order.

25 nmole scale $0.15 per base charge $0.00 shipping charge For 10-60 nts
100 nmole $0.35 $0.00 10-80
250 nmole $0.55 $0.00 5-100 nts
1.0 umole $1.00 $0.00 5-100 nts

Other synthesis products

  • Longmers with good yield out to 200 nts. RNA and siRNA custom synthesis is available
  • Gene fragments custom synthesis of 125-500 bp dsDNA, sequence verified
  • qPCR assays, pre-designed or custom, for intercalating dye assays or Taqman® style assays


For technical and scientific questions, contact Chris Harrington (harringc@ohsu.edu).

For iLab ordering and billing questions, contact Aaron Larson (larsoaa@ohsu.edu).