ONPRC 3T Instrument


The Siemens 3T Trio instrument is located on the campus of the Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC; 10 miles west of OHSU's main Marquam Hill campus) in a dedicated 2500 ft2 building that includes animal preparation areas and offices.  The radio frequency (RF) transmitter unit contains one 35 kW narrowband (1H) RF transmitter and one 8 kW broadband RF transmitter capable of producing 20‑128 MHz.  The instrument is equipped with a SONATA gradient coil set and a CASCADE gradient amplifier (2000V/500A onall three axes).  Together they are capable of producing field gradients of ≥40 mT/m, with a slew rate of ≥200 T/(m*s), on all axes.



Technical Info

  • Field Strength/1H Frequency: 3 Tesla (T)/123 MHz
  • Clear bore/Working bore: 90 cm/60 cm
  • Gradient Strength/Slew Rate: 40 mT/m/ 200 T/(m*s)
  • Receiver channels: 8
  • Length/Weight: 2.1m/10 tons

Radio Frequency Coils

This instrument is equipped with a whole-body RF coil, two 8-channel phased array RF coils (123 MHz, receive only, 24 cm ID, 12 cm ID), a dual-tune 1H (123 MHz)/31P (50 MHz; 16 cm ID) transmit/recieve quadrature RF coil.




  • In Vivo Precess monitor
  • Ventilator




For more information regarding MR research with non-human primates, visit ONPRC


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Sample Images

Full brain quantitative R1 maps from a Japanese macaque produced using data acquired on the ONPRC 3T. (Njus, Pollaro, Kohout, Snodgrass, Warren, Muldoon, Cunneen, Kohama, and Rooney; PISMRM 2009)