Training and Safety

Safety at the AIRC

Strong Magnetic Field Warning

The use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) presents known safety hazards. Large attractive forces are exerted on magnetic tools or equipment bought in close proximity to MR Instruments which are always at field. The force may become large enough to move materials uncontrollably towards the MR Instrument posing a serious threat to anyone within the vicinity. Policies have been developed so that employees, researchers, students, colleagues, study subjects, and associated equipment remain safe in the magnetic environment at the AIRC. The purpose of MRI Training & Safety is to maintain safe laboratory practice during research procedures in the Magnetic Resonance Imaging areas affiliated with the AIRC.

Safety training

The potential hazards encountered by the individual vary depending on their level of interaction with the MR Instrument.  Accordingly, safety training requirements are different for Workers and Subjects. Follow the links below for more information regarding potential hazards and training unique to these two separate populations. 

Safety policies and procedures

For more information on AIRC safety policies and procedures, see Policies


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