AIRC 3T Instrument


The Siemens 3T Prisma instrument, installed in August 2016, represents a significant upgrade to the AIRC 3T Tim Trio instrument installed in 2006. The gradient set has a Gmax of 80 mT/m and utilizes a force balanced design, which provides a quieter scanning environment. The RF architecture is now fully digital with optical fiber links supporting a total of 64 receiver channels and parallel transmit. 

The AIRC Prisma upgrade was possible with funding from the NIH and institutional support.

Technical Information

  • Operation at 3T (123 MHz)

  • Working Bore Diameter of 60 cm
  • Gmax on all three axes of 80 mT/m
  • Gradient slew rate 
  • 64 Receiver Channels allowing simultaneous acquisition of 204 coil elements.

Radio Frequency Coils

  • 16 channel Hand-Wrist
  • 64 channel Head-Neck
  • 32 channel Head
  • TxRx CP Head
  • 16 channel Shoulder
  • 16 channel Foot-Ankle
  • TxRx 15 element Knee
  • 32 channel Spine Array
  • Two sets of 18 channel body array
  • Flex Large Array
  • Breast Coil


  • Medrad Power Injector
  • In Vivo Subject Monitoring: ECG, Pulse Oximetry, Respiratory Bellows, et cetera.
  • fMRI equipment: Video Projection, Electrostatic Headphones, Fiber Optic Response Boxes, and more.

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