Getting Started

Before Beginning

Protocols must be approved by IRB/IACUC before conducting studies at AIRC. Principal Investigators can submit Protocols to AIRC before approval has been granted to begin initial review process.

For more information on the OHSU IRB and other grant resources, see Grant Materials

Step 1: Protocol Submission

To submit a funded human MRI protocol for the 3T or 7T,  please fill out this Form

To submit a human MRI development time (no scanner fee charge) application for the 3T or 7T, please fill out this Form

To submit a protocol for the ONPRC 3T or 12T,  please fill out the attached form

Step 2: Protocol Review Committee Meeting

The Protocol Review Committee (PRC), consisting of AIRC staff members, will evaluate new and continuing studies based on scientific feasibility and safety. 

  • Meetings: the PRC meets on a monthly basis
  • Approval Process:  the PRC approval process will take no longer than 2 weeks following PRC monthly meeting. The PRC will contact the PI when a judgment is rendered.


Step 3: Safety Training

The potential hazards encountered by the individual vary depending on their level of interaction with the MR Instrument.  Accordingly, training requirements vary for different individuals.

For more information regarding potential hazards and safety training, see Training & Safety


Step 4: Scheduling

  • Calendar: After you have completed Worker Safety Training, you will be given access to the appropriate AIRC calendar.

          Login to iLab for scheduling

          iLab Scheduling Instructions

           AIRC Operator Scheduling

  • Etiquette: Users must adhere to scheduling etiquette outlined in calendar.
  • Cancellation Policy: In the event that a scheduled study needs to be canceled, cancel the iLab reservation and give a brief reason for the cancellation in the event notes. All canceled or amended studies should be cancelled in iLab before the start of the scan or they will be billed. If a study team member cannot cancel the reservation themselves in iLab (i.e. the user who made thereservation is out of the office), to prevent full scan charge from being applied, email Laura McMahon ( and copy to notify the AIRC of the cancellation so that the iLab calendar can be updated. Preferably,studies should be canceled well in advance of the scheduled time so that it is known to be free for other studies. 
  • Expiration: the Protocol Review Committee in conjunction with the Principal Investigator (PI) will establish a date of expiration for the study protocol. After the specified date, and if extensions are not granted, the PI and lab staff will not be allowed to schedule MRI Instrument time for the expired protocol.
  • Pilot Time: Pilot time is without charge and is available on a limited basis (up to 15 hours). Pilot time is designed to facilitate data collection for determining project feasibility or grant submission. The Protocol Review Committee determines the amount of Pilot Time awarded to a Research Protocol.
    • Requirements:
      • Description (up to 1 page) of study requiring pilot time
      • Estimate of how many hours needed
    • Note: all pilot studies must be scheduled during non-prime hours (before 9 AM, after 5 PM, and on weekends)