AIRC Worker Safety

Workers are employees, staff, investigators, operators, or other personnel who frequent the AIRC.


Worker Safety Hazards

It is the responsibility of workers to be aware of the potential hazards in the MR Scan Room (Scanning Suite).  For further details, see Subject Safety Hazards. The following is an abbreviated list of potential safety hazards experienced by workers:

  • Static Magnetic Fields:
    Always On: This strong magnetic field is always present even in the event of a power outage
    Proximity: The risks associated with strong magnetic fields increase the closer an object is to the bore or opening of the magnet
    Ferromagnetic Objects: Objects that are ferromagnetic may become projectiles with the potential to cause serious, life-threatening injury.
  • Time Varying Magnetic Fields: Gradients
    Acoustic Noise: Gradients produce excessive acoustic noise levels for which hearing protection must be provided and worn. Any researcher or individual who remains in the MR instrument room during data acquisition must wear hearing protection.
  • Equipment
    Risk Assessment: All equipment must be considered for the potential to cause injury, burns, or other hazards by the MRI Safety Officer prior to use in the instrument room. 
    High Voltage: High voltage electricity is required to operate MR Instruments.  Extreme caution is necessary when removing panels or connecting equipment to the instruments.
    Compressed Gas: Workers must be aware of the presence of gases stored at very high pressures when working near MR Instruments.


Safety Training

AIRC Access Safety Training

This training encompasses safe procedures in an MRI facility and is tailored for a lay audience (no scientific or medical background required). Registration is not necessary. For more information, please contact William Woodward
Time: The first Tuesday of each month at 9:30am (approx. 1 hour).  Please arrive at 9:15am for registration.
Location: AIRC Conference Room, Biomedical Research Building, Room 107 (please call from the courtesy phone outside of AIRC for access)

Safety Training at ONPRCPlease contact  Chris Kroenke

Operator Safety Training

The MR Instrument Operator is an individual who has completed the MR Safety training and is trained in the operation of MR instruments. Trained AIRC MR Instrument operators have the responsibility to discontinue their own procedures if they exceed safe practices. The Operator Safety Training emphasizes safety procedures and subject handling within the MRI environment. This training is not focused on system operation or scanning.

  • Date: Classes are conducted on an as-needed basis.
  • Location: AIRC conference room and MR Control Room.
  • Scheduling: For more information, please contact William Woodward
  • Curriculum: MR Instrument Safety:  Emergency procedures, subject screening and preparation
                           Equipment Use: computer usage, scanner, radio frequency coils & supplies

Operator Instrument Training

Operator Safety Training (above) does NOT give individuals license to operate MR instruments. A separate Operator Instrument Training course is required to operate an AIRC MR Instrument.  This training consists of one-on-one instruction on how to collect data safely and effectively. For more information, please contact William Woodward


Worker Screening

Workers must complete a Worker Screening Form prior to entering the MR Scan Room (Scanning Suite).

Worker Screening Form


Safety Training Checklist

ALL Workers:

All employees, staff, investigators, or other personnel who frequent the AIRC must:

  • Review the AIRC Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Attend Safety Training
  • Demonstrate understanding of AIRC Safety Policies and Procedures on a written examination

Instrument Operators

In addition to Safety Training, individuals who will operate AIRC MR Instruments must:

  • Attend the "Operator Safety Training" class conducted by William Woodward



For answers to safety questions, contact William Woodward