Art on the Hill

Effloresence - Nancy Lorenz Mother of pearl and pigment on panel, 1999 54 x 72 inches

The integration of art into the public areas of OHSU facilities is intended to enhance the healing experience for our patients and their families. The art also serves to promote a culturally diverse and enriching environment for faculty, students, patients, staff and all who visit.

The OHSU Marquam Hill Art Committee was established in 1984 with the goal of enhancing the university image in the community through a variety of activities, one of which was campus beautification through the addition of art. The art collection began in 1985 with the gift of nine stunning paintings – the Intersecting Light series – by highly regarded Northwest artist Carl Morris. Throughout this early period, the university recognized the healing value of art but it was given major emphasis beginning in 1995 with an anonymous gift for art in the new Doernbecher Hospital.

The focus of the university's collection is primarily on Pacific Northwest artists. Today some 900 works greet visitors to the university complex and inspire all those who work at OHSU.

Alysia Duckler
2015-present; chair

Janine Stanton
2015-present; vice-chair

Kris Butters

Barbara Kimberley
chair, 2003-2009

Ellen McClure
chair, 2009-2015

Deanne Rubinstein
chair, 1985-1989

Ralph Tuomi

Mimi Underwood
chair 1998-2001

Sabine Artaud-Wild, 1984-1987, 1988-1990
Betty Barton, 1989-1991
Jane Beebe, 1988-2005; chair, 1992-1998
Helen Bledsoe, 1984-1988
Kay Corbett, 1988-1989
Francie Frost DesCamp, 1996-1997
Judith Poxson Fawkes, 1992-1995
Betty Gray, 1984-1990
Elizabeth Hirsch, 1984-1989; chair, 1984-1985
Jean Hoffman, 1988-1989
Mary Josephson, 1995-2007
Carol Smith Larson, 1996-2005; chair, 2001-2003
Ruth Ann Laster, 1984-1987
Lillie Lauha, 1984-1996
Nancy Leuschel, 1984-1986
Marilyn Ridgley, 1992-1995
Joan Shipley, 1984-1993
Barbara Stafford-Wilson, 1996-1999
Meloyd Teppola, 1984-2005
Dorothy Williamson, 1984-1985
Gretchen Willison, 1987-1989

Give a gift of art

If you would like information on how to donate a piece to the OHSU collection, contact the OHSU Foundation.

For more information

If you would like more information about the collection, contact the Marquam Hill Art Committee.