About Us

Back pain can impact your entire life, making it hard to sleep, do your job or enjoy your regular activities. The OHSU Spine Center wants to help you feel like yourself again. Our goal is to provide immediate and personalized care that lets you return to an active and pain-free lifestyle.

The Spine Center at OHSU makes it easy to take care of all your spine needs. With diagnostic imaging, pain management, physical therapy and world-class surgeons, you can receive all the spine care you need in one place.

We always first take a conservative approach to spine care. But in some cases, surgery is the only option, and we have some of the foremost surgical experts in the region on our staff. We work with you to identify and exhaust all other treatment options before suggesting surgery, and you are always part of the decision-making team.

We track and measure how well our treatment plans work and use that information to constantly improve our approach to your care. We're committed to providing the best in spine care.