Pharmacy Supervisors

Clinical Supervisors

picture of Rebecca Britton

Rebecca Britton, Pharm.D., BCPS

Rebecca Britton is the Clinical Supervisor for Drug Information/Drug Policy. Her responsibilities include oversight over all the OHSU Drug Information Service and Drug Policy at OHSU. She is the secretary of the Clinical Knowledge and Therapeutics Executive Committee (formerly Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee). She is also the PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Program Director. Rebecca's professional interests are drug information, drug utilization, precepting and training of residents and students. She is passionate about collaborating with all members of the health care team to improve utilization of pharmacy resources to provide better value to the patient care experience.

picture of Amber Diaz

 Amber Diaz, Pharm.D., BCOP

Amber is the Clinical Oncology Pharmacy Supervisor responsible for Oncology Pharmacy Services at OHSU which encompasses both Adult and Pediatric Inpatient, Clinic, and Infusion services. She has been an oncology pharmacist at OHSU since 2012, and transitioned into the supervisor role in 2016. Amber currently serves as the Residency Program Coordinator for the PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residency program. Her professional interests include hematologic malignancies and bone marrow transplantation, and pharmacy student/resident development. Amber is currently active in professional pharmacy association leadership at the state and national level.

picture of Jim Lewis

 James Lewis, Pharm.D., FIDSA

James Lewis is the Clinical Supervisor for Infectious Disease. His responsibilities include co-directing the OHSU antibiotic stewardship program and serving as the infectious diseases clinical pharmacist for OHSU. He is the co-chair of the antibiotic subcommittee of the Clinical Knowledge and Therapeutics Executive Committee (formerly Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee) and also serves as the PGY-1 &2 ID rotation preceptor. James' professional interests are antibiotic susceptibility testing, antibiotic/antifungal utilization, and the optimal integration of rapid microbiology diagnostics in antibiotic stewardship. Dr. Lewis also currently serves as the co-chair of the breakpoint working group of the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute and is a member of the editorial board for Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.

picture of John Mackay

John MacKay, Pharm.D.

John MacKay is the Clinical Supervisor for Cardiology and Transplant Pharmacy Services. His interests include advanced heart failure, mechanical circulatory support, heart transplant, and transitions of care, as well as teaching and precepting residents and students.

Nate Mah Picture for Web

Nathan Mah, PharmD

Nathan Mah is the Clinical Supervisor for Pharmacy Services in the Emergency Department at OHSU which encompasses both the Adult and Pediatric department. He has been an Emergency Department pharmacists at OHSU since 2011, and transitioned into the supervisor role in 2017. His professional interests include toxicology, research, pharmacy disaster planning, and pharmacy student/resident development. He serves as a PGY-1 and PGY-2 rotation preceptor.

picture of Thuy Nguyen

Thuy Nguyen, Pharm.D.

Thuy is the Clinical Supervisor overseeing the in-patient Pediatric Pharmacotherapy Service. Thuy's responsibilities include advancing clinical pediatric practice and building collaborative research program with medicine faculty groups. Her interests focus in individualized pharmacotherapy for extremely low birth weight neonates and critically ill pediatric patients using pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacogenomics.

picture of Renita Patel

Renita Patel, Pharm.D., BCPS 

Renita is the Clinical Pharmacy Supervisor for Surgery Services with responsibility overseeing pharmacists working on inpatient adult surgical floors as well as staffing a portion of her time in this area. She is also involved with policy and procedure development, clinical initiatives and practice changes, patient safety report review, and improvement projects related to clinical practice and medication use. Her professional interests include transitions of care, promoting interdisciplinary patient care and collaboration, medication safety, formulary management, and pharmacy resident and student precepting.

picture of Sandra Rowe

Sandra Rowe, Pharm.D., BCCCP

Sandi is the Clinical Education Supervisor for Inpatient Pharmacy Services, the PGY-2 Critical Care Residency Coordinator, and a Critical Care Pharmacist. Her interests include patient care in the areas of Cardiovascular ICU and Emergency Medicine;teaching and mentoring resident and student learners;and finding ways to improve communication across service lines.

Janelle Rychlick Photo for Web

Janelle Rychlick, PharmD, MBA, MS, BCPS

Janelle Rychlick is the Operations Supervisor for Inpatient Pharmacy. Her responsibilities include central pharmacy services with an emphasis in pharmacy automation, medication distribution, sterile and non-sterile compounding, as well as supporting inpatient research studies. Her professional interested include leadership development, patient safety, process improvement, lean management principles and leverage data to help drive change.

picture of Jackie Sharpe

Jackie Sharpe, Pharm.D., BCPS

Jackie Sharpe is the Clinical Supervisor for Medicine with responsibilities for clinical initiatives over the inpatient medicine service and medicine pharmacist team. Her interests are in transitions of care, addictions medicine, diabetes, and geriatrics, as well as teaching resident and student learners.

picture of Krista Wolf

Krista Wolf, Pharm.D.

Krista Wolf is the Supervisor of Research Pharmacy Services. She oversees the use of medications utilized in research at OHSU and ensures that the research pharmacy follows regulatory, institutional, and study specific requirements. She closely collaborates with Oregon Clinical and Translational Research, the Knight Clinical Research, and Pharmacy Management to ensure the highest standards are maintained for the management of research medications.

Retail/Infusion Pharmacy Supervisors

picture of Jennifer Chen

Jennifer Chen, RPh, ND, MAc

Jennifer is the Supervisor of Pharmacy Services for the Knight Cancer Institute Community Hematology Oncology Clinics. Her responsibilities include oversight of telepharmacy, clean room operations, medication distribution, medication safety, operational efficiency, and optimizing the patient experience. Her other areas of professional interest includes complementary and integrative medicine with an emphasis in naturopathic medicine and acupuncture.

picture of Chan Do

Chau Do, RPh 

Chau Do is the pharmacy supervisor at OHSU Mail Order Pharmacy. The OHSU Mail Order Pharmacy provides many services including filling prescriptions and free home delivery for OHSU employees and OHSU partners including Tuality Healthcare and Salem Hospital. Chau joined OHSU in 2009 with extensive retail pharmacy experiences. Her interests are in improving work flow, promoting team works and obtaining the best customer service satisfaction.

picture of George Harvey

George Harvey, R.Ph.

George Harvey is the Pharmacy Supervisor for the Center for Health &Healing Pharmacy at the South Waterfront. He has been the manager at this location since 2006, when he opened this new pharmacy for OHSU. His mission is to improve patient care and the overall patient experience at OHSU. His responsibilities have included implementing the OHSU Fertility Prescription Program, initiating prescription service to the Mirabella Portland, and promoting our oral oncology program. He has extensive experience in long-term care, home infusion, and most every aspect of retail pharmacy. His professional interests include medical therapy management, all aspects of compliance and organizational efficiency

picture of Mitch Hoel

Mitch Hoel, Pharm.D.

Mitch is a Supervisor for Ambulatory Pharmacy Services responsible for the Center for Health &Healing (CHH) Infusion Pharmacy as well as the Doernbecher Children's Hospital Infusion Pharmacy. Together these pharmacies provide services to infusion clinics at CHH Adult Oncology, Pediatric Oncology, the Center for Hematologic Malignancies, and Rheumatology. In addition, pharmacy services are provided to CHH Outpatient Surgery and several physician clinics. Mitch's administrative interests include medication safety and employee recruitment and development.

picture of Mark Roska

Mark Roska, BS, MS, RPh

Mark is the Supervisor for Compounding Pharmacy Services with responsibility for the daily supervision of the sterile and non-sterile compounding pharmacy. He serves as co-chair of OHSU's Pharmacy Compounding Committee which is responsible for formula review and development. Mark is focused on providing safe compounded products for the entire OHSU system. He is interested in compounding best practice, sterile compounding automation, environmental monitoring and control, hazardous drug management, and comprehensive staff training.

Informatics Supervisor

picture of Van Do

Van Do, Pharm.D.

Van is the Informatics Pharmacist Supervisor for Inpatient Pharmacy Services. He is responsible for the maintenance, integration, and development of the Electronic Health Record and ancillary systems to support the medication use process at OHSU. His professional interests include clinical decision support, information and knowledge management, human factors engineering, and automation.

picture of Ryan Markham

Ryan Markham, Pharm.D.

Ryan is the Informatics Pharmacist Supervisor for Ambulatory Pharmacy Services responsible for supporting and developing the medication use processes unique to oncology, outpatient infusion services, research studies and investigational medications. His professional interests include workflow and dose standardization.

picture of Matt Spinar

Matt Spinar, Pharm.D.

Matt Spinar is the Pharmacy Supervisor of the Physicians Pavilion Outpatient Pharmacy. This pharmacy is located on the Marquam Hill campus serving as the main location for employee and patient prescriptions, same day Specialty Pharmacy services, and production for the Meds to Bed pharmacy service for the OHSU Hospital. Matt joined OHSU in 2017 with extensive experience in retail pharmacy management and compliance. His professional interests include workflow optimization, production management, informatics and pharmacy technology, and medication safety and compliance procedures.

picture of Eric Stiverson

Eric Stiverson, Pharm.D.

Eric is the Informatics Pharmacist Supervisor for Outpatient Pharmacy Services. He is responsible for supporting the Electronic Health Record and associated systems in the outpatient pharmacy setting. His professional interests include innovative use of technology to improve patient safety and experience, inventory management and workflow efficiencies.