PGY1 Near Application Deadline FAQS

I haven't received my match number from ASHP yet; does that make me ineligible?

It’s easier than ever because you can sign up for the National Matching Service and PhORCAS within the same system. We will not invite for interview candidates that are not registered with the ASHP Match and are not applying via PhORCAS.

Do the reference writers have any special instructions?

Yes. We will use the Reference Writers Portal in PhORCAS. If you can please have your reference writers use the recommendations adopted by our Residency Advisory Committee, it is much appreciated. 

Do you need all of my transcripts?

We are only interested in any School/College of Pharmacy transcripts.

I'm concerned about the internship requirement in Oregon. What if I won't have 1440 hours?

Most states require 1500 hours of internship. If you graduated in 2011 and more recently, Oregon requires 1440 hours before you can sit for the state law exam and receive your license.  If you graduated in 2010, Oregon requires 2000 hours before you can sit for the state law exam and receive your license. 2000 hours was to try to insure some post-graduate intern hours for Oregon graduates before the all PharmD program began. They changed the law in 2011, to be more consistent with other states...however, it doesn't always work as well for out of state students wanting to license here. By contract our residents have until October to become licensed. This is usually enough time to earn any additional intern hours needed. It is very important to attempt to get licensed prior to October 1, as the residency year would require substantial adjustments. We can discuss the details during your interview. Generally it means you transfer all of your intern hours from your state, obtain an intern license in Oregon, and earn intern hours during the first months of your residency. In the last 10 years, we have not had any residents from out of state who have been unable to become licensed by our deadline.

Tell me more about required vs. elective learning experiences? How many electives does a resident usually get?

OHSU PGY1 residents required experiences: major project, citywide residency meeting, staffing training and every other weekend staffing. Rotational: general medicine, general inpatient practice (IV room, triage, plus focus on some patient groups we don't round with such as general surgery, mother baby/L&D, psychiatry), general pediatrics OR critical care, practice management (administration), informatics and drug information/drug policy. Most rotational offerings are 4-6 weeks. Residents will choose 3-4 electives depending on the rotation length. This plan is consistent with ASHP's goal of having the PGY1 residency year create clinical generalists.

Who can I talk to while you are out of the office?

The RPD is generally in the office Monday - Friday, but if you need to connect with someone and the RPD is not available, contact Amber Diaz, PharmD, BCOP she is the PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Program Coordinator ( She can usually answer your questions or will triage you to one of the current residents or contact the RPD in the case of an emergency.