Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer, PhD

KCramerStaff Rank:

NLM Post-Doctoral Fellow


Radiation Medicine
Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology, OHSU


Radiation Medicine Medical Informatics


B.Tech, Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India
M.S., Electrical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA

Expertise and Research Interest:

Dr. Kalpathy-Cramer is a National Library of Medicine Post-Doctoral Fellow in DMICE at OHSU. Prior to joining the department of medical informatics at OHSU, she had worked for many years in the semiconductor industry. Her current area of research is in the use of image processing and machine learning techniques for medical image analysis and retrieval. Her interests include information retrieval, image processing, machine learning, neural networks, data mining, pattern recognition and statistical modeling.


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Selected Publications:

S. Bedrick, J. Kalpathy-Cramer, A Ferret-Based Gastrointestinal Image Retrieval System, AMIA Fall Symposium 2007, In Press

J Kalpathy-Cramer, William Hersh, Automatic Image Modality Based Classification and Annotation to Improve Medical Image Retrieval Studies in Health Technology and Informatics Volume 129, MEDINFO 2007 - Proceedings of the 12th World Congress on Health (Medical) Informatics Edited by Klaus A. Kuhn, James R. Warren, Tze-Yun Leong ISBN 978-1-58603-774-1

William Hersh, Henning Müller, Paul Clough, Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer, Image Retrieval in Medicine: Motivations, Methods, and Results of the ImageCLEF medical image retrieval task, ISHIMR 2007, Sheffield, EnglandW. Hersh, J. Kalpathy-Cramer, J. Jensen, Medical image retrieval and automated annotation: OHSU at ImageCLEF 2006, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), 2007, ISBN 978-3-540-74998-1

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