Graduate Students

PMCB student camping weekendPMCB works to support our students financially, academically and socially during their time at OHSU. From an on-campus primary care clinic to a highly-involved student organizations, students can access a wealth of resources in all areas of campus.

Students enrolled full time and in good academic standing receive support from PMCB during their first year, regardless of citizenship status. Stipend support is not contingent upon any teaching or service duties. Outside employment is discouraged.

  • Monthly stipend
  • Health insurance ( comprehensive medical, vision and dental, including partial dependent coverage)
  • Paid tuition and fees
  • Membership to the march wellness center


Grant Opportunities

In addition to boot-camp style courses to prep for NSF and NRSA application submissions, students in PMCB may qualify for a number of other funding opportunities, including 

  • Program in Enhanced Research Training (PMCB T32)
  • OHSU Fellowship for Diversity and Inclusion in Research
  • Interactions at the Microbe/Host Interface (Microbiology T32)
  • Molecular Basis of Skin/Mucosa Pathobiology (Dermatology T32)
  • ARCS Scholarships
  • Promising Scholar Awards
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