Taking courses as a non-degree student

Individuals are welcome to take courses as a non-degree student. To see our current course schedule, please visit our Schedule of Classes page. This will give you information about what we are offering, meetings dates, and – once registration opens for the term – textbook information.  

What is the process?

  • Complete the Application for Non-Degree Admissions and submit the following to the Registrar's Office: 
  • Submit Official transcripts documenting receipt of a bachelor-level degree or higher.
  • Pay the $60 application fee.
  • Send the Registration Form (this will need to be done each term) after contacting the Division of Management office (503-346-0375 or hcmanagement@ohsu.edu) for permissions.

What happens after my application & registration form are submitted?

Once your application and registration is complete, you will be issued an OHSU student email account. Information about this will come to the email address provided on your application. This is how we will communicate with you about your tuition bill, courses, etc. It will also be your log-in for Sakai, the online learning platform, and the OHSU Library.

Classes are available in Sakai starting the first day of the term. We expect that students will log into the course within the first 24 hours as there are often deliverables in the first week.

For important dates, please refer to the academic calendar on the Registrar's website


What is the tuition rate?

The tuition rate is the same as that for a degree-seeking student. For the 2018-2019 academic year, the tuition is $590/credit. If you have questions about paying your tuition bill, please contact the Cashier's Office.  

Can I audit a course?

No. Given the highly collaborative nature of our courses, those enrolled do so for credit and with a grade. The majority of our courses are offered as a letter grade. A few are offered as pass/no-pass.  

Which courses can I take? 

Many courses in the Certificate and MS program are open to students to take as a non-matriculated student. Certain courses, like Capstone and those in our MBA program are restricted. Others are meant to be taken in a specific order. Please contact hcmanagement@ohsu.edu to inquire about specific courses.  

How many courses can I take total? 

Students who are planning to apply to the Graduate Certificate or MS program may take courses prior to matriculation and use them toward their degree requirements. For the Certificate, students are allowed a maximum of 10 credits. For the MS, students are allowed a maximum of 20 credits. However, we strongly suggest that students take no more than 2 courses prior to matriculation into a program.  

How many courses can I take in one term?

Our programs are designed to be completed on a part-time basis.  You can take up to six credits in one term.  If you want to take seven to eight credits, you will need special permission.

For further information, please contact us:
Phone: (503) 346-0375