OHSU Thermo Fisher Living Lab at OCSSB

State-of-the-art microscopy research collaborative project

The OHSU Thermo Fisher Living Lab is a collaborative research program in the OHSU Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine (OCSSB) that provides access to a state-of-the-art microscopy suite and develops workflow solutions for integrated light and electron microscopy (EM) applications.

A collaboration between OHSU and Hillsboro-based Thermo Fisher Scientific Electron Microscopy Solutions, the Living Lab provides access to technical support, training and instrumentation, including:

  • Helios NanoLab™ 650 Dualbeam™ (used for automated high resolution 2D and 3D SEM image acquisition and sample preparation)
  • Titan Krios™ Cryo-Electron microscope (which is an automated TEM platform optimized for Single Particle Analysis and 3D cryo-TEM applications - with a world record resolution of 2.8Å
  • Tecnai™ with iCorr™ (the world’s first commercial microscope which integrates light and EM capabilities).

Living Lab instrumentation allows scientists to visualize cell structure and assemblies of biological macromolecules at a level of detail that wasn't possible before, enabling them to explore, among other things, how cancer cells function differently as they spread from the site of origin to other parts of the body, and how genetic mutations work together to drive cancer and other diseases. 

Scientists have access to early versions of next-generation microscopy systems so that they can contribute to the product, reagent, and workflow development process. The collaboration will deepen understanding of EM workflow as applied to cellular biology and, ultimately guide the development of next-generation tools.

All academic and commercial users are welcome to utilize the Living Lab microscopes.

Multiscale Microscopy Core provides training, access and support

Imaging services, instrument access, technical support, and training are provided by the Multiscale Microscopy Core (MMC). The MMC offers multiple levels of service that correspond with the analysis and/or training each user desires.  Training on the instruments will be provided for individuals who anticipate having long-term EM projects.

Also available to MMC users:


Please direct any inquiries regarding collaborative development of EM-workflow projects or next-generation microscopy systems to