Our Program

We elucidate protein, cell and tissue structures ranging in size from Ăngströms to centimeters using measurement tools including cryoelectron electron microscopy, 3D scanning electron microscopy, superresolution light microscopy, confocal light microscopy, light sheet microscopy, and correlative light and electron microscopy. We employ massively parallel sequencing and protein profiling to assess the components of the same multiscale structures. Our ultimate goals are to understand the interactive control mechanisms that govern the behavior of multiscale systems and to use this information to develop better diagnostic tools and to develop strategies to therapeutically control aberrant systems. Faculty engaged in these studies have expertise in:

  • Genome science to elucidate details of normal and aberrant genome form and function
  • Three dimensional imaging to define functional structures at scales ranging from Angstroms to centimeters.
  • Reporter chemistry and genetic engineering to enable visualization and quantitative analysis of specific molecular machines in cells, tissue and living animals
  • Computational biology to advance data management, display,and modeling
  • Development of laboratory disease models that capture the complexity and diversity of human disease function in anatomic context