Mac Hall Bistro

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About Us

Mac Hall Bistro features fresh made, from scratch, daily specials from cuisines of the world  garnished with a dash of Portland flair. Our menu can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and paleo diet options with exciting choices you won't find anywhere else on campus. Draper Valley ChickenCarman Ranch Burgers, and the freshest vegetables available are featured at every station throughout Mac Hall Bistro.

The Exposition & Grill Stations

If a hot breakfast is just the ticket, stop here for a selection of hot cooked to order items and swing by the soup & salad bar for an array of fresh and dried fruits, Bob's Organic Oatmeal, and more.

At lunch, grab a juicy burger, a daily gourmet special, a'la carte sides, or a foot long hot dog!

The Deli

Pick from our menu of favorites, or build a custom sandwich limited only to your imagination.

The Soup & Salad Bar

This area of Mac Hall Bistro sees heavy traffic as customers build fresh salads, scoop up bowls of hot house-made soup, or pile up the extras on the campus' favorite station: the taco and burrito bar.

Mac Hall Espresso

At the entry way to Mac Hall Bistro, our espresso bar lures folks in with tempting treats and the rich aroma of Portland Roasting Coffee, and it's the only place on campus offering fresh fruit or vegetable smoothies!