OHSU Food and Nutrition Department

Oregon Health & Science University's Food and Nutrition Department is committed to providing for all of your dietary needs. Whether you need the comfort of a home cooked meal, a quick bite to grab and run with, or a meal that addresses specific dietary concerns, we have the solution. Explore our webpages to find all that we have to offer.

Heart Healthy Cooking Class

Watch our Executive Chef, Douglas Lang, cook up the latest Heart Healthy Meal For the Heart Protection Kitchen!

Recipes from the Heart Healthy Meal

Spark Salad Bar and Payroll Deduction Program

Poster telling OHSU Employees to sign up for Spark Salad Bar & Payroll Deduction.

OHSU Nutrition Clinic

Looking for trustworthy, science-based information from nutrition experts to help manage a health condition, lose weight, reduce your risk of disease, or address other health concerns? The OHSU Nutrition Clinic is staffed with registered dietitians (RDs) who will help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Our experienced dietitians will identify underlying nutrition problems based on your medical and diet history, and will use this information to create a nutrition plan for your individual needs.

Visit our OHSU Nutrition Clinic website or call 503-494-8636 for more information.

For patients under the age of 18, please contact the Pediatric Nutrition Clinic at 503-418-5257.