Gestational Carrier (Surrogacy)

father and new baby

Couples that have difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a baby, may seek out someone to become a surrogate parent and carry their baby for them. In addition, some women choose surrogacy as an option if they have a serious illness. This is because some conditions decrease a woman’s ability to carry a pregnancy to term or could potentially be passed to the child.

In many cases, a surrogate mother is a relative or close friend of the couple who is motivated by a sincere desire to help provide others with the joy of parenthood. However, some surrogate mothers are paid for their services.

At OHSU, we can help you understand your options for surrogacy and connect you with surrogacy resources. We work closely with Northwest Surrogacy Center. This organization has worked with our program for many years. They provide surrogate mothers as well as handle the legal documents and contracts. 

To learn more, call 503-418-3700 to make an appointment for a consultation.