Williams Lab

Senior Scientist and Principal Investigator: John T. Williams

Current lab members

Omar Koita
Graduate Student
koita AT ohsu.edu

Joe Lebowitz
Research Assistant Professor
lebowitz AT ohsu.edu

Joselinne Medrano
Graduate Student (co-mentored by Angela Ozburn, Ph.D.)
medranoj AT ohsu.edu

Jacob Munoz
Graduate Student
munozja AT ohsu.edu

Open Post Doc position

Brain slices that show, in green, dopamine neurons

The Williams Lab is looking for a post doc to study the dendritic release of dopamine in the substantia nigra and Ventral Tegmental Area. The goal is to unlock the mysteries of dendritic release and transmission. To apply, email williamj@ohsu.edu.

Group photo from the 2018 JTW Neuroscience Retreat

Attendees of the John T. Williams Neuroscience Retreat, July 2018, gather for a group photo in the Mac Hall courtyard

Key for identifying people in the 2018 John T. Williams Neuroscience Retreat group photo

1 Alec Condon, 2 Jeff Diamond, 3 James Brundege, 4 Will Birdsong, 5 Olivier Manzoni, 6 John Williams, 7 James Bunzow, 8 Vu Dang, 9 Hitoshi Morikawa, 10 Chris Fiorillo, 11 Erica Levitt, 12 Susie Ingram, 13 Aaron Roseberry, 14 Courtney Bouchet, 15 Brooks Robinson, 16 Paul Kramer, 17 Shane Hentges, 18 Mike Virk, 19 Veronica Alvarez, 20 Mike Beckstead, 21 Aya Matsui, 22 Carlos Paladini, 23 Chris Ford, 24 Seksiri Arrtamangkul, 25 Nidia Quillinan, 26 Kylie McPherson, 27 Stephanie Gantz, 28 Sweta Adhikary, 29 Emily Leff

Contact information

Lab phone number

Lab location
Vollum Rm. 2411

Faculty support
Teresa Newton
Grants/Contracts Coordinator
Email: newtont@ohsu.edu
Phone: 503-494-5458

Mailing address
John Williams Lab
Vollum Institute, OHSU
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd.
Mail code L474
Portland, OR 97239-3098

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John Williams Lab
Vollum Institute, OHSU
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd.
Dock 4, Vollum Rm. 2411
Portland, OR 97239-3098

Vollum Institute

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