Vollum DNA Sequencing Core

The Vollum DNA Sequencing Core provides Sanger method sequencing services to the scientists at the Vollum Institute and to other research units and departments at OHSU on a fee-for-service basis. Prices vary depending on overall use of the core. For more details, please contact the sequencing core .

The Vollum Sequencing Core is currently using an ABI (Applied Biosystems) 3730xl  96-capillary DNA Analyzer.

DNA sequencing results viewed using ApE software

Using the Sequencing Core

There is no sign up sheet. Here's how it works:

  1. Fill out a Vollum Sequencing Core service request — either online or using the downloaded PDF (1 MB). If you are using the PDF form, please print a copy and include it with your samples.
  2. Drop off samples any time. There are three sample delivery options:
    1.     Small refrigerator by room 4404, 4th floor of the Vollum Institute
    2.     Small refrigerator in the loading dock of OHSU's Robertson Life Sciences Building
    3.     Send via campus mail to Vollum DNA, Mail code L474
  3. Samples are picked up promptly every day — RLSB at 8:30 AM | Vollum at 11:00 AM.
  4. Standard turn around time is 1–2 days, but results are usually emailed the morning following submission.
  5. If there is a problem with your run, you will be contacted via email and will not be charged.

Two options for submitting a service request

  • Submit online using the Vollum Sequencing Core's web form and drop off your samples for processing.
  • Download the service request PDF (1 MB), and fill out by hand or electronically using Acrobat or Preview. Then submit a printed copy of the completed form with your samples.

Supporting documentation

Contact the Vollum Sequencing Core

Core Director: Travis Rogers
Phone: 503-494-7922
Interoffice mail code: L474
Email: dnaseq@ohsu.edu