Vollum Seminars and Events

The Vollum Institute hosts a variety of sponsored seminars on wide ranging topics of interest to the OHSU research community. These include regularly scheduled events during the academic year, such as the Vollum Seminar Series and Friday postdoc/student presentations, as well as special presentations by visiting scientists and faculty candidates.

Vollum Seminar Series

Vollum Seminar Series

The Vollum Seminar Series runs through the academic year and strives to bring prominent scientists to OHSU to present current research in the general areas of molecular neurobiology, signal transduction and gene regulation.
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Friday Work-in-Progress Seminar Series

WIP Seminar logo

The Friday "work-in-progress" (WIP) seminars occur weekly during the academic year and provide an opportunity for postdoctoral fellows and graduate students to share their current research projects in an interactive and less formal environment. Presenters draw from all the Vollum laboratories as well as a few affiliated labs in other research units. The talks touch on a wide array of scientific interests and approaches.

The Friday WIP Seminar Series resumes Sept 30th for the 2022–2023 academic year. Details for each seminar are posted on our Twitter account and flyers are posted throughout the Vollum Institute. To view the presentations live, the OHSU Research community can  stream the presentations by logging in to the OHSU network and using this link. Presentations are not recorded.

Click here to see the 2022–2023 series schedule.

PostDoc Career Transition Seminar Series

Postdoc Career Transition Seminar Series flyer

December 2022, the Vollum kicks off the Postdoc Career Transition seminar series. This series, which lasts thru February, will highlight the scientific accomplishments and future research plans of OHSU postdocs preparing for careers as independent investigators.

December 1 Chang Sun PhD (Gouaux Lab)
January 12Jiakun Chen PhD (Monk and Freeman Lab)

January 26Sarah Clark PhD (Gouaux Lab)
February 2 Megan Corty PhD (Freeman Lab)
February 23Jiaxing Li PhD (Monk Lab)

Herbert Memorial Lecture

Ed Herbert, PhD, at the blackboard in his lab

The Herbert Memorial Lecture is given annually in honor of the Vollum Institutes's founding director, Edward Herbert. Each year, we invite an outstanding scientist to engage in discussion and fellowship with Vollum faculty and students, as well as to give an open talk to the university.
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