Vollum Staff Directory

Contact information for Vollum Institute administrative staff members is listed below. 

A full list of Vollum faculty members is available on the Faculty and Research page.

The mailcode for interoffice mail is L474.

General administration

Sean Molloy, Ph.D.
Administrative Director
Vollum Rm. 1401

Chris Ghormley
Operations Manager
Vollum Rm. 1401

Tiffany Kamhoot
Financial Manager
Vollum Rm. 1401

Ana Dagostin
Administrative Coordinator
Vollum Rm. 1401

Jessica Parks
Neuroscience Graduate Program
Vollum Rm. 1403

Faculty support

Jennifer Beck
Assistant to the Director (Marc Freeman) and Co-Director (Kelly Monk)
Assistant to Richard Goodman,
Vollum Seminar Series Coordinator
Vollum Rm. 4431

Aliyih Bristol
Assistant to Gail Mandel, Paul Brehm, and Arpy Saunders
Medical Research Bldg., Rm. 322A

Rashell Hallford
Assistant to Eric Gouaux (HHMI)
Vollum Rm. 1423

Teresa Newton
Assistant to Isabelle Baconguis, Skyler Jackman, Tianyi Mao, Swetha Murthy, Philip Stork, Henrique von Gersdorff, Gary Westbrook, John Williams, Kevin Wright, and Haining Zhong
Vollum Rm. 1401

Technical and lab support

Sara Strobaugh
Computer Services
VollumGeek AT ohsu DOT edu
Vollum Rm. M3446
503 494-6876

Lori Vaskalis
Illustrations and web services
Vollum Rm. M3445
503 494-5469

Jason Cole
Vollum Rm. 5401 (Greenhouse)
503 494-5461

Travis Rogers
DNA Sequencing and Tissue Culture Cores
Vollum Rm. 3421
503 494-7922

Katie Ohannessian
Fly Food Core
Vollum Rm. 4410
Vollum Fly Food

Kennedy Wambalaba
Operations Assistant
Vollum Rm. 1401