Vollum Room Scheduling

Vollum Rooms are now available to schedule directly within Outlook for all OHSU network account holders. To make a calendar request simply add the room as an invitee to your meeting or in the room field and a member of the admin team will review it for any potential issues before
approving it. 

Requesting A Room
Scheduling Assistant View

Outlook offers a helpful scheduling assistant feature which allows you to see the availability of all invitees, including the room.

If you would like to see the full calendar of events you can add the Vollum Rooms to your Outlook Calendar at outlook.office.com by navigating to the calendar and clicking Add Calendar, choosing "Add from directory" then searching for "Vollum 4M" "Vollum M1441" Vollum M1443" "Vollum M1445" and "Vollum 1446". 

Add Calendar Outlook

Detailed information about each room's seating capacity, technology capabilities and location within the Vollum is listed below.

Laser pointers can be checked out from the Vollum Administration office (Rm. 1401).

If you have any questions or require additional assistance booking a room, email VollumRooms@ohsu.edu.

If you require IT support for a Vollum room, please reach out to Sara Strobaugh  directly to discuss your needs or schedule pre-event support.

Room photos and specs

M1441 seminar room in the Vollum Institute
  • Location: Vollum floor 1M
  • Seating: 68
  • Max. capacity: 85 (sitting on stairs)
  • Installed projector (up to 1920 x 1200 pixels)
  • Sound system for computer video playback
  • Wireless microphone (for recording purposes only, not for room amplification)
  • Live internet jack
  • Enabled for Echo360 recording

M1443 meeting room in the Vollum Institute
  • Location: Vollum floor 1M (west side)
  • Seating at table: 10
  • Max. capacity: 25 (chairs at perimeter)
  • Live internet jack
  • Projection screen (projector not provided)

AVDS Lounge

This space is available to AVDS members as well as Vollum students, postdocs, and technicians as a space to rest or take virtual medical calls. We ask that you clean up after yourself as there is no dedicated staff to clean this space.

  • Location: Vollum floor 1M
  • Seating at table: 4
  • Max. capacity: 6
  • Live internet jack

Vollum conference room M1446
  • Location: Vollum floor 1M (east side)
  • Seating at table: 10
  • Max. capacity: 20 (chairs at perimeter)
  • Live internet jack
  • Speakerphone

4M conference room in the Vollum Institute
  • Location: Vollum floor 4M
  • Seating at table: 14
  • Max. capacity: 30 (chairs at perimeter)
  • Live internet jack and speakerphone
  • Flat panel display with AppleTV for screen mirroring
  • Adjacent washroom & kitchenette with sink