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Regenerating mouse nerve shows glia and immune-cells. (Image courtesy Amit Mogha)

Senior Scientist and Principal Investigator: Kelly Monk

When thinking of cells in the nervous system, most people first consider neurons. Yet diverse non-neuronal cells called glia represent at least half of cells in the human brain. Although glia have been historically understudied compared to neurons, it is clear that proper nervous system function depends on the coordinated activity of both neurons and glia. The long-term goal of our research is to understand the genetic, cellular, and molecular mechanisms that govern glial cell biology and to dissect how neuron-glial and glial-glial interactions contribute to nervous system development and function. We are particularly interested in myelinating glia — the subset of glia in both the central and peripheral nervous systems that generate myelin.

Myelin is the multilayered membrane that insulates and protects axons in the vertebrate nervous system. Whereas myelin has been historically considered in the context of its key role in facilitating fast impulse propagation, this view is rapidly expanding, with myelin and myelinating glia also playing diverse and essential functions in nervous system development, plasticity, health, disease, and repair. However, despite its importance, the mechanisms that form, maintain, and regenerate myelin are incompletely understood. Moreover, how myelination is impacted by experience and how myelinating glia contribute to plasticity and behavior are almost completely mysterious. We use a combination of genetic and cellular approaches in zebrafish and mouse models to dissect the mechanisms that control glial cell biology and functional interactions between glia and neurons.

Current lab members

Jiakun Chen
Postdoctoral Fellow

Fernanda Coelho
Senior Research Associate and Lab Manager

Hannah Collins
NGP Graduate Student

Ryan Doan
NGP Graduate Student

Austin Forbes
Research Associate

Grace Halsell-Vore
Research Assistant 2

Jiaxing Li
Postdoctoral Fellow

Tania Miramontes
NGP Graduate Student

Amit Mogha
Senior Research Associate

Rory Morgan
Postdoctoral Fellow

Cameron Paton
Research Assistant 2

Tyrell Simkins
Multiple Sclerosis/Neuroimmunology Fellow

Monk Lab group photo 2018

Members of Kelly Monk's lab

Front row: Jiaxing Li, Fernanda Coelho, Kelly Monk
Back row: Austin Forbes, Rory Morgan, Jiakun Chen, Amit Mogha

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Vollum Room 3427 (south)

Lab manager

Fernanda Coelho

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Jennifer Beck
Assistant to the Director
Phone: 503-494-2805
Fax: 503-494-4590

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Kelly Monk Lab
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Kelly Monk Lab
Vollum Institute, OHSU
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