Office of Digital Health Team

Members of the Office of Digital Health leadership team meet in the virtual ICU command center.
The OHSU Office of Digital Health offers a variety of technological solutions to support your provider team

At the OHSU Office of Digital Health, we know the best partnerships come from complementary skills and shared strengths. We offer clinical technology and access to specialty care throughout our regional community.

Our strategic and operational leaders are supported by teams focused on clinical education and quality, digital innovation, and technology. We offer:

  • Advanced technology solutions to make secure, live connection available 24/7.
  • OHSU medical experts directing our acute and outpatient operations.
  • Continuous quality improvement across our programs.
  • Dedication to user experience, including experience research and user testing.
  • Operational teams ready to build a long-term partnership that meets your needs.

Meet our leadership team

Mark Lovgren, M.B.A.

A professional photo of Mark Lovgren.

Mark Lovgren is the vice president for digital health at OHSU. He has over 30 years of health care management experience, and has worked in telemedicine since 2011. Mark oversees the development of strategies and new service offerings to improve clinical outcomes. He also has deep knowledge of telemedicine billing, regulatory and compliance issues.

Darren Malinoski, M.D.

A professional photo of Dr. Darren Malinoski.

Darren Malinoski, M.D., is the clinical lead of the Office of Digital Health. He is also the chief clinical transformation officer for the OHSU School of Medicine and a professor of surgery in OHSU’s Division of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care. He leads health system strategic planning and the design of clinical programs focused on value-based care, including digital health tools.

Miles Ellenby, M.D.

A professional photo of Dr. Miles Ellenby.

Miles Ellenby, M.D., is the medical director for acute care services in the Office of Digital Health. He is a professor of pediatric critical care medicine and has been part of OHSU’s telemedicine program since 2007. Dr. Ellenby also has an electrical engineering background, which informs his work in cardiovascular monitoring, complex systems analysis and telemedicine.

Anthony Cheng, M.D.

A professional photo of Dr. Anthony Cheng.

Anthony Cheng, M.D., is the medical director for ambulatory care services in the Office of Digital Health. He is also a primary care physician and medical director for the COVID-19 Connected Care Center (C4). Dr. Cheng is the principal investigator in a project that aims to center community expertise in design thinking for digital health equity.

Dorcas Safly

A professional photo of Dorcas Safly.

Dorcas Safly is the director of inpatient digital health and has led the implementation of our Virtual ICU program since 2019. Before joining the Office of Digital Health, she held several roles at OHSU in project management, quality and performance improvement, and purchasing and supply chain management. Safly has over 25 years of project management experience in the aerospace, internet technology and healthcare industries.

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