Virtual ICU

A male doctor sitting at a computer wearing headphones as he videoconferences with a female doctor, visible on his computer screen above a patient's chart notes.
Evan Petrie, a critical care nurse, consults with a bedside clinician at one of our ICU sites. He is one of the many experts who monitor clinical data and support clinicians.

In your ICU, the care needs of patients are constant, ever-changing, and can quickly become emergencies.

OHSU’s Virtual ICU is an extra set of eyes, monitoring patients for changes. We are critical-care experts, always ready to troubleshoot equipment or discuss complicated patients with your clinicians.

Our Virtual ICU can help you:

  • Confer with intensivists and critical-care nurses 24/7
  • Monitor beds and round on patients
  • Reduce transfers
  • Lower costs
  • Increase your staff’s efficiency
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Consult subspecialists when needed

Our excellence

Advanced training: Our Virtual ICU team includes 35 fellowship-trained, board-certified intensivists and nearly 30 highly skilled registered nurses certified in critical care. We can provide support and consultation whenever your clinicians need us.

Education and collaboration: We understand ICU best practices and can guide clinicians in evidence-based care. Our collaborating hospitals have access to networking and educational opportunities with other Virtual ICU sites.

Leading-edge technology: Our Virtual ICU tools allow for on-demand two-way video communication and patient monitoring. We also provide insightful metric tracking that include hourly census data, ventilation management data and device utilization rates to help drive best practices at your hospital.

Regional expertise: OHSU is here in the Pacific Northwest. We understand the priorities and critical-care needs of people in our communities.

Services we provide

We offer many ways to improve ICU efficiency and outcomes, including:

  • Real-time monitoring of each ICU bed’s clinical data feeds, 24/7.
  • Proactive, best-practice rounding on patients as part of their care team.
  • Two-way video communication with clinicians and patients:
    • We can reach you as needed for patient-centered interventions.
    • You can reach us as needed for consultation and advice.
  • Coaching, support, education and mentoring for your clinicians.
  • Quality and KPI data collection and reporting.

What to expect

We will work with you to make sure your needs are met. We will train your clinicians to use technology that provides a direct link from each of your ICU beds to OHSU’s Virtual ICU Patient Support Center.

A multidisciplinary project team will manage the implementation. The team will include clinical, technical and operational stakeholders from OHSU, our technology partner and your hospital.

A female nurse touching a monitor screen hanging from the ceiling while she is videoconferencing with another healthcare provider, visible on the screen.
ICU nurse Leah Bazzano consults with the OHSU Virtual ICU through a screen in a patient room.

How the Virtual ICU can help your hospital

  • Fewer transfers: You can keep higher-acuity patients in your care and community.
  • Clinician peace of mind: Your ICU clinicians will have the additional support of critical-care experts. They can also be more confident knowing their patients are monitored at all times.
  • Better outcomes: A multicenter study of ICU telemedicine found significant reductions in:
    • Hospital mortality
    • Days on a ventilator
    • ICU length of stay

How the Virtual ICU can help your patients

Our Virtual ICU can increase patient satisfaction:

  • Patients can stay in their local hospital, near home and family.
  • Patients feel safer knowing additional expertise is available when needed.

We protect your patients’ privacy; we do not watch or record anyone without their knowledge. See our fact sheet for patients.

Contact us

We will respond within two business days to:

  • Answer your questions
  • Set up a virtual or in-person meeting
  • Arrange a demonstration

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