Gerontology Resources

Educational resources

Our Hartford Center of Gerontological Excellence seeks to support faculty members and practitioners in their professional development and in their roles as student educators in the classroom, clinical lab, or practice environment.


ECLEPs (Enriched Clinical Learning Environments through Partnerships in LTC) is a partnership of academic, practice, regulatory, and professional organizations. Created in 2006, ECLEPs provided training and resources to develop nursing homes and assisted living facilities as excellent clinical sites for nursing students to learn best practices in care of older adults. The resources developed as part of this project are available at this link

Teaching resources

Since 2001, the National Hartford Centers of Gerontological Nursing Excellence have created many valuable teaching resources. In addition, several of our own OHSU School of Nursing faculty developed gerontological instructional materials. At this site you will find several links to some of these resources. For an extended list of teaching resources see the ECLEPs Instructional Materials and Peer Reviewed Gerontological Web Resources.

Professional development

Those of us at the HCGE are highly involved in developing and promoting programs responsive to your needs as gerontological experts. Here are some offerings.