Coleen Ju

Please join us in congratulating Coleen Ju, B.S.N., R.N., who is the FIRST D.N.P. student to receive a Hartford Award for Research and Practice. This financial award helps support select D.N.P. students with their final projects (NURS 703B).

Coleen’s project, "Increasing Older Driver Evaluations in Primary Care Settings", aims to utilize the most up-to-date information on the topic to provide clinicians with evidence-based tools to properly screen older drivers and confidently intervene when driver safety is a concern.

It is important to identify drivers of any age who may no longer be safe. “As we age we may also need to plan for our ‘driving retirement’ as well as our financial retirement (Retrieved 9/13/2022 from https://exchange.aaa.com/safety/senior-driver-safety-mobility/ .” In lieu of a personal proactive plan, primary care providers may find it necessary to complete a DMV “Mandatory Impairment Referral” form for those in their care with severe and uncontrollable functional and/or cognitive impairments who may be “high risk” drivers.

After receiving her HARP Coleen expressed her gratitude and replied, “I am so excited to continue working with the Hartford Center with my DNP project! (Ju, C., personal communication, September 7, 2022)”. She is also one of our Hearst Endowed Scholars and is receiving a scholarship for the final year of her F.N.P. program. Coleen aspires to help ease the ongoing provider shortage in geriatrics.

Congratulations to Coleen as she advances to the next stage of her nursing career!

How to apply

Shields, Lauren
Ellee Lauren Shields, MN, AGACNP-BC, 2021 D.N.P. Graduate

The Hartford Award for Research and Practice for Doctor of Nursing Practice Project Funding (D.N.P. HARP) is a small grant that supports qualified advanced practice nursing students whose final project focuses on improving the health and health care of older adults.

The purpose of the D.N.P. HARP is to support students’ clinical scholarship in the OHSU School of Nursing D.N.P. program during a critical phase of their education. It is awarded to D.N.P. students to help strengthen a project that may lead to better health outcomes for older adults. Projects that concentrate on health disparities related to aging or strategies to improve the health status of older adults in diverse or rural populations will receive special consideration.

To qualify, the D.N.P. student must be enrolled in or have completed NURS 703A “DNP Project Planning”. The student’s Project Chair must provide a letter of support with confirmation of the estimated timeline and an endorsement of the HARP financial support.

Up to $3000 will be awarded to accepted applicants. The request for applications here, Hartford Award for Research and Practice for Doctor of Nursing Practice Project Funding, outlines the application process.

The HARP is administered by the Hartford Center of Gerontological Excellence (HCGE). Please contact Marilyn Sanguinetti, the HCGE project administrator, for more information.