What is healthy aging?

The OHSU Healthy Aging Alliance seeks to answer this question through partnerships, discovery, education, and outreach. We engage in translational research to truly change the aging trajectory toward health and quality of life. Care of older adults is best done in teams- so we have taken a team approach to our research and training needs too. Read more...

2014 OHSU Healthy Aging Alliance Conference


*This event is being rescheduled for September 30, 2014.  Stay tuned for program details and registration information*

The third OHSU Healthy Aging Alliance Workshop is titled, "Harnessing Science and Communities for Healthy Brain Aging." 

The focus of this workshop will be translating research to a public health message for Healthy Brain Aging, and to strengthen partnerships to truly transform the aging trajectory in Oregon.  There will be research presentation, a panel on effective community strategies for healthy aging facilitated by PSU's Institute on Aging, and a hosted poster session to share innovations and network!

Keynote speaker will be OHSU's Dr. Joe Quinn.

All are welcome - researchers, clinicians, educators, policy and advocacy colleagues, and anyone who is or might someday be growing older!  There is no cost to attend.

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Bobby Heagerty

Bobby Heagerty, OHSU Healthy Aging Alliance leader and super star, was recently honored with a Science Education Award from the Society for Neuroscience.  The award, announced at the society's annual meeting in Dan Diego, recognizes outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions educating the public about neuroscience.

To learn more, visit the OHSU Brain Institute website.


The OHSU Healthy Aging Alliance 3rd Annual Workshop

HAA web pic

September 30, 2014

OHSU Vey Auditorium


*Stay tuned for program details and registration information*