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Graduate degrees in gerontological nursing

The OHSU School of Nursing offers several degrees for geriatric care and gerontological research. You may apply for an M.N.E. degree, doctor of nursing practice (D.N.P.) doctorate, or a research doctorate (Ph.D.) in gerontological nursing. Each has an opportunity for financial support through scholarship or award.

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The Hartford Award for Research and Practice is now offering funding for D.N.P. student’s final projects!

The new HARPs will be awarded to D.N.P. students to help support projects that focus on improving the health and health care of older adults, particularly those projects that concentrate on health disparities related to aging or strategies to improve the health status of older adults in diverse or rural populations.

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Hearst Endowed Scholarship

The goal of the Hearst Foundations’ Endowed Scholarship is to support clinical scholarship and prepare advanced practice nursing students in the OHSU D.N.P. program for the complex care needs of older persons.

Our Hartford Center of Gerontological Excellence is pleased to announce the recipients of the Hearst Foundations’ Endowed Scholarship for AY 2022-23. Please join us in congratulating Tiffany Allen, Jennifer Ericson, Coleen Ju and Brianna Shilling. These four outstanding D.N.P. students exemplify the passion and compassion, dedication to excellence, and critical thought required of our next generation of nurse leaders. To learn more about them, please click the link below:

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D.N.P. HARP awarded

Please join us in congratulating Coleen Ju, B.S.N., R.N., who is the FIRST D.N.P. student to receive a Hartford Award for Research and Practice. This financial award helps support select D.N.P. students with their final projects.

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HARP 2022

The ninth annual Hartford Award for Research and Practice (HARP) has been awarded to Jenny Firkins, Ph.D., R.N., for a cross-sectional study with qualitative and quantitative aims designed to examine and better understand the values and preferences that impact treatment decision making in older adult cancer survivors. Dr. Firkins convened an interprofessional team of experts to guide her through this research. Please join us in wishing her the very best outcomes!

Please consider applying during our 2023 cycle next winter. The request for applications will be open on January 16, 2023.

These small grants are available to ALL OHSU faculty and are an opportunity to conduct pilot studies, collect preliminary data to support an external grant application, or implement a process improvement initiative. 

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Gerontological faculty

Our faculty are leading the way in geronotological learning, discovery and care. They advance care in dementia, chronic pain, immune response, family caregiving, exercise and more.

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