Faculty Profiles

Hartford Center of Gerontological Excellence affiliated faculty

Faculty who are teaching the next cadre of nurses and conducting ground-breaking research will ultimately lead to the best care possible for older adults. OHSU's nursing faculty are acknowledged as leaders in their fields. Members of our faculty are, without exception, highly committed to improving the health care of older persons. These faculty are strong educators, researchers, practitioners, and leaders in gerontological nursing. The HCGE has grown and thrived because of their intellect, hard work, and collaboration.

Tiffany Allen - Heart Failure
Belinda Brooks - Advanced Care Planning, End-of-Life
Juliana Cartwright - End of Life Care, End of Life Research Ethics, Technology Mediate, Active Learning Strategies
Quin Denfeld - Symptom Biology, Heart Failure and Frailty 
Linda Felver - Healthy Aging, Exercise and Aging
Carla Hagen - Family Caregiving
Jane Hagan
Lissi Hansen - End of Life, Palliative Care, Liver Disease
Shigeko (Seiko) Izumi - Palliative Care and End-of-Life, Advanced Care Planning, Patient Centered Care of Older Adults with Chronic Disease
Hiroko Kiyoshi-Teo - Patient Safety, Implementation Science
Glenise McKenzie - Promoting Physical and Mental Health of Older Adults
Renee Menkens - Community health, Mental health, Case management
Deborah Messecar - Family Caregiving for Chronically Ill Older Adults 
Lyndsey Miller - Dementia, Family caregiving, Dyadic analysis
Scott Mist - Chronic Pain, Complementary and Alternative Approaches to Wellness
Rana Halabi Najjar - Stigma, Obesity, Nursing Education
David Oni -
Amy Miner Ross - Stroke, Infection and the Immune Response in Older Adults
MinKyoung Song - Behavioral science and epidemiology; promotion of physical activity/lifestyle changes to prevent and manage chronic disease 
Ruth Tadesse- Nursing Education on Care of Older Adults
Virginia (Ginny) Tilden - Improving End-of-Life Care and Decision Making
Kristi Vaughn - Pain Management, Geriatric Syndromes, Care of the Older Adult in the Emergency Room Department, Nutrition, Weight loss
Patti Warkentin - Innovations in Undergraduate Nursing Education, Nursing Leadership Development
Tamara Whittle -  Critical care
Kerri Winters-Stone - Clinical Exercise Trials, Cancer Survivorship, Falls, Frailty and Fracture Prevention
Gail M. Wolf - Health Literacy