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Wang, R.; Kumar, P.; Reda, M.; Wallstrum, A. G.; Crumrine, N. A.; Ngamcherdtrakul, W.; Yantasee, W., Nanotechnology Applications in Breast Cancer Immunotherapy. Small, 2308639. DOI

Reda, M.; Ngamcherdtrakul, W.; Wang, R.; Crumrine, N.; Baker, C.; Wallstrum, A.; Saito, J.; White, N.; Yantasee, W., Abstract 5119: Nano-immunotherapy targeting PD-L1, PLK1, and TLR9 for treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. Cancer Research 2023, 83 (7_Supplement), 5119-5119. DOI 10.1158/1538-7445.Am2023-5119.

Ngamcherdtrakul, W.; Reda, M.; Baker, C.; Crumrine, N.; Wang, R.; Wallstrum, A.; White, N.; Saito, J.; Zaidan, H.; Rehwaldt, J.; Nelson, M.; Gray, J.; Yantasee, W., Abstract 3229: Triggering anti-tumor immune response with a nanotherapeutic that targets TLR9 and STAT3 pathways. Cancer Research 2023, 83 (7_Supplement), 3229-3229. DOI 10.1158/1538-7445.Am2023-3229.


Reda, M., Ngamcherdtrakul, W., Nelson, M.A., Siriwon, N., Wang, R., Zaidan, H.Y., Bejan, D. S., Reda, S., Hoang, N.H., Crumrine, N.A., Rehwaldt, J.P.C., Bindal, A., Mills, G.B., Gray, J.W., Yantasee, W. Development of a nanoparticle-based immunotherapy targeting PD-L1 and PLK1 for lung cancer treatment. Nat Commun 13, 4261 (2022). View Online

Ngamcherdtrakul, W., Bejan, D. S., Cruz-Muñoz, W., Reda, M., Zaidan, H.Y., Siriwon, N., Marshall, S., Wang, R., Nelson, M.A., Rehwaldt, J.P.C., Gray, J.W., Hynynen, K., Yantasee, W. Targeted Nanoparticle for Co-delivery of HER2 siRNA and a Taxane to Mirror the Standard Treatment of HER2+ Breast Cancer: Efficacy in Breast Tumor and Brain Metastasis. Small, 2022., View Online, View cover


Therapeutic constructs for co-delivery of mitotic kinase inhibitor and immune checkpoint inhibitor
W Yantasee, R Moataz, W Ngamcherdtrakul
US Patent App. 17/023,311.

Immunotherapeutic constructs and methods of their use
W Yantasee, L Amanda, W Ngamcherdtrakul, R Moataz
US Patent App. 16/999,948

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