PhD Training Program

OHSU School of Medicine hosts a Ph.D. training program in Clinical Psychology. The program is co-sponsored by the Departments of Psychiatry and Pediatrics and is also supported by the Psychology Division at the Portland VA. The program follows a scientist practitioner model and admits approximately 4 students per year. For information on the program admissions, curriculum, and faculty, please visit the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program website.

Clinical Practica

Although the practica sites at OHSU are prioritized to OHSU Clinical Psychology doctoral students, extra slots are typically available for students from other Universities seeking practica experiences. Contact your local training director for contact and follow up information.

Clinical Internship

For Graduate students interested in clinical internship, two accredited clinical psychology internships are offered on the Hill.

  • The Portland VA Medical Center Internship: A generalist clinical psychology internship within the VA setting, that provides training in neuropsychology, chronic mental illness, PTSD, and primary care.
  • The LEND Psychology Training Program: Three training programsPredoctoral Internship, Postdoctoral Fellowship and Practicum training comprise the LEND Training Program. It is geared toward preparing pediatric, developmental and medically focused psychologists

Post-doctoral Training

Post-doctoral fellowships are periodically available in the Department of Psychiatry (contact Joel Nigg, Ph.D.,, as well as in the Psychology Division in Pediatrics and in the training program at the Portland VA. Clinical licensure hours as well as research training are available in different combinations depending on program attained.